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Nothing or no one in this world is perfect. Except our marriage Because even the imperfections seem perfectly romantic... Today is the day you made things Official 01.16.2007 lol a few days away from my 14th birthday it was the craziest (even though we were already BF&GF since I was 12) ! I remember you were so nervous to ask my dad if I could be your girlfriend and I don’t blame you my dad disliked you at that moment lol 😬😬😬I just want to say that I love you with all my heart ❤️ and the moment we met I knew that we are meant to be ... thank you for sticking by my side through it all !! Only we know what we go through only we know how much love we have for each other ... ohhh lol and welllllll duuuuhhh thank you for the most precious gift that we’ve been waiting for years that fully completes our love which is yassy❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ @chiefinloud420 #happyanniversary #11yearsstrong #theloveofmylife #momlife
"It's a good kind of madness."✨🌾💋💨
Repost from @p0rcelain.420 using @RepostRegramApp - "Killing all that holds you."🎶 ▪ Balls deep in my new promotion, got an unexpected raise too, my 3rd so far & I haven't even been with the company for 2 years yet.💪 Good things keep happening to me left & right, as soon as new year hit no lie. It's crazy how karma works.🙇 The universe works in mysterious ways but I believe in that shit with my entire being.💫 2018 is MY year, & I'll do what I gotta do to keep my peace, no going back.✊ ▪ #GirlsWhoSmoke 👯 #VapeModels 💞 #SomeGirlsGetHigh 💟 #420Girls 👄 #Cannabis 🍃 #StonerNation 👤 #CannabisQueenz 👸 #DabbersDaily 🐝 #DripGirls 💦 #WeedFeed 🌱 #TopshelfLife 🔥 #TopshelfKitty 🐱 #BongBeauties 🎀 #ScenicTokers#GanjaGirls 🌸 #VapeGirls 💕 #WeShouldSmoke 💨 #Shatter 💛 #Dabs 👌 #420#710#CannabisCommunity 💚 #iWillMarryMary 💍 #BlazinDank420 👍 #DankShots420 📷 #JustBlazeIG 💪
munching on these gummy worms from @marijanedepot before heading out ♡ so fruity tasting & the texture isn’t sticky at all 🙅🏼‍♀️ • hips are killing me lately so I’ve got my fingers crossed these little guys help the pain until I get to babe’s ♡
gettin’ creative with the @blitzkriega ♡ • heading out for a few days; off to Ottawa tomorrow & my love is coming with so I’m so happy 😊