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Seeing a side of Amsterdam I’ve never even heard of!😎 absolutely loving It!! Special thanks for @clinkhostels for making my experience so awesome.💚 . Check out my latest Amsterdam Vlog 🎥YOUTUBE VIDEO🎥 (link in bio) on DAY TWO!! . Make sure to catch the video from DAY ONE too!!🙌🏼 • • • • • • • • • • #amsterdam #netherlands #holland #hostel #hostellife #discoveramsterdam #travel #amsterdamcity #instadaily #iamsterdam #instapic #travelgram #instalike #visitamsterdam #wearetravelgirls #radgirlslife #darlingescapes #sidewalkerdaily #ladiesgoneglobal #traveldudes #globelletravels #travellushes #sheisnotlost #girlslovetravel #earthgirllifestyle #jetsettingchicks #girlsvsglobe #womenwhoexplore #instatravel
#Cologne is mostly famous for it's cathedral but aren’t these little houses behind me much cuter? 🥰 • I’m actually in Munich already and I was in a hurry when I was editing this photo (btw did you know that I edit all of my photos right before I post? It usually takes me 1 -3 h to edit each photo that I post on IG). Especially when I go through Photoshop⏳ • I get lost in my own little phantasy world and try to create a little piece of art with every edit 🤪 • Can you name one of the significant changes I made to this image after applying one of my presets? 🤔 Check the before & after photo ✨ • Also: those of you who have been. or Munich????? ☺ Or do you have another favorite German city and if so, why?
Today I’m taking you for great adventure ✨ . This is one of the first photo taken during the biggest and longest trip in my life (so far ofc🤣) - to SE Asia 🏝❤️ . My cousin had wedding on Phillip Island, Australia 🐧 the day before my flight to 🇹🇭 The party was really awesome, lot of dancing, eating (what I love the most ❤️) and having fun with wonderful people. Around 4am I went skinny-dipping so it means that the very next morning at the airport I was still a little bit drunk 😅 When I landed in Bangkok I was surprised and scared. It was midnight and my hotel was in a gloomy neighbourhood and I had bad luck with English speaking Thais (they didn’t speak english). That was my first day in Asia 😎💙 . That is how the great story begun✨
Kenya 2015 • The African elephant; known to the locals as tembo or ndovu... Did you know that just like humans, African Elephants grow small tusks that fall off and the permanent ones replace them? Wonder how much money they get from the “fang fairy” 🤔😂🐘
Tegalalang rice terraces are one of the main attractions in Ubud. It's a valley of rice paddies located close to Ubud, more exactly some 20 min drive with scooter north of Ubud. The rice fields represent a traditional Balinese irrigation system known as SUBAK. The area is great to wander around and there are some jaw dropping views to be seen. Be prepared for donations to locals to enter the rice fields. The best time to visit would be during the morning time and don't forget to have some water and sun cream with you 😁 #ubudbali #baliliving #tegalalangriceterrace
Truffle hunting in Buzet. 🍄 . To say we actually hunted truffles is a liiiiiiitle bit of a stretch. More like we watched as the dogs hunted truffles. 🐶 Still, it was amazing! Dogs, a wet forest, and truffles-what else do you need? We went with @karlictartufi and loved it. If you’re in Istria, truffle hunting with them is an absolute must. #wetraveltoeat
«Miracles happen every day you just have to look for them, they are there» C. Pulsifer ⠀ Последние денёчки рождественских ярмарок. Большинство ярмарок открыты только до Рождества, последняя возможность погулять на центральных - это утро 24ого декабря. Некоторые из 130 мюнхенских рынков открыты и до после Нового года, до праздника «Трёх Королей», 6-ого января. ⠀ Я в этом году успела побывать на следующих: ⠀ 🌟Sterneplatzl am Rindermarkt. Звездная площадь с «Schlemmerpyramide» - пирамида лакомств и обжорок, находящаяся совсем рядом с главной достопримечательностью Мюнхена - Мариенплатц. Красивая, правда? ⠀ 🎪Tollwood - зимний фестиваль, с ярмаркой, интересными концертами, разными развлечениями и мероприятиями. Кстати сам фестиваль продлится до 31.12., но ярмарка закроется уже 23.12. ⠀ 🎠 Mittelaltermarkt - средневековая ярмарка на Wittelsbacherplatz, для любителей рыцарей, гульденов, керамической посуды и необычных напитков. Продлится ещё до 23.12. ⠀ 🍷 Weihnachtsdorf in Residenz - рождественская деревня в резиденции. Уютная ярмарка с волшебным сказочным лесом. Последняя возможность прогуляться 23.12. ⠀ ❓А в вашем городе есть подобные развлечения? Мюнхенцы, где были в этом году, какую ярмарку выбрали из 130? #волшебствоввоздуxе
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