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If your road trip doesn't include views like this, it's not worth it! 🙌🏼😱 Highway 1 is a scenic route that's famous for being one of the world's most beautiful drives, as it follows the Pacific coast. But part of the Highway 1 was closed the day we had planned on taking it, so we had to find a way to bypass that part to be able to get to the part of the road that was still open. Boy oh boy. The road we took to get to Highway 1 was the longest, most stressful, sinuous and NARROW mountain road EVER. I felt my heart stop at every narrow turn point on the side of the mountain. But it was so, so beautiful at the same time. And it was worth the stress because the views on top of the mountain were literally breathtaking and jaw-dropping; and when we finally got to Highway 1, the landscape pictured above is what we saw for a good hour. That day was definitely an adventure and one of the highlights of our trip. ✨ #zesquareontheroad . . . . . #mtlblogger #mtlbloggers #travel #travelphotography #traveler #traveldiaries #travelblogger #traveling #travelgram #travels #trvaelblog #travelingram #mtlblogger #mtlbloggers #canada #explorecanada #enjoycanada #igersmtl #roadtrip
🔹️Il castello di Avio visto dall'alto 🔝🔹️ Foto di @keshph , complimenti 📷👍👍🔝