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Knitting myself a hat with some pretty yarn (Budapest by Traveling Yarn) I have been hoarding. I am really loving these colors! The double pointed needles? Not so much...but I am getting the hang of it again. 😁 #knittersofinstagram #knitstagram #travelingyarn
TipTip is such a fabulous sweater model! Last year, I knit this tiny sweater for him out of my Turning Leaves 🍁 colorway! Now, it’s time to start another winter sweater and I’m taking votes on which colorway to use. Comment below with your colorway vote and I will get knitting with the most popular suggestion! 🗳 . . . #lesstraveledyarn #travelingyarn #yarnlove #yarnaddict #knitting #knittersofinstagram #indiedyedyarn #indiedyer #handdyedyarn #indiedyersofinstagram #knitstagram #sweaterweather #dogsofinstagram
Eastern Glow by @samantha_guerin_design is now available on Ravelry! Check out her page for more details. Loved making this testknit for her, has a nice assortment of textures and different stitches, and a little bit of a basic brioche stitch. Yarn is @travelingyarn in colors Drama Queen and Just Another Maniac Mermaid.
Loving the colors in my finished Eastern Glow Shawl testknit for @samantha_guerin_design . Keep an eye on her page for pattern details! Yarn is by @travelingyarn colors Drama Queen and Just Another Maniac Mermaid