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Pool game dates with this guy. We played four games in an hour. The last one was a game of speed because we had ten minutes left. I don’t I’ve laughed so hard in my life. After that we walked up to the prom and sat and talked. This guy isn’t only my boyfriend but he is my best friend. I can literally go to him and talk to him about anything without judgement. He is my biggest supporter. He wants me to follow my dreams and live my best life and wants to be a part of it. I hope I support him the way he supports me and I hope that I am who he needs me to be. I love him with all my heart and he has been there for me when I thought I was alone. Thank you Charles for everything. ❤️ #boyfriend #bestfriend #hekickedmybuttatpool #fourgamesinanhour #laughed #smiled #hadfun #dinnerdatetoo #hespoilesme #makesmehappy #treatsmeright #supportsme #iamsolucky #ihopeimwhoheneedsmetobe #donteverchange #iloveyoujustlikeyouare #youaremine #mygoofball #makingfunnyfaces #finsllyhappyagain
Kelsea Ballerini speaks to my heart!!💗 “You can tell your friend it's all on purpose That I'm the crazy ex that wrecks your life But there's no intentions underneath the surface So don't go reading anything between the lines 'Cause I'm over you and everything that we used to do together My Saturday nights are brighter I've never felt better I didn't used to be when I heard you were seeing somebody else Yeah I'm hoping you're thinking that every move that I'm making Is just a game that I'm playing because my heart is still breaking Boy I'm over you, I'm over you So get over yourself Yeah So get over yourself You think all I do is talk about us And that the new boy I show off is only out of spite Your're so in your head about it you can't get your heart around it But boy I'm over you, I'm over you” #getoveryourself #kelseaballerini #overyou #cheater #nogood #loser #imbrighterthaniveeverbeen #gotthebestguynow #treatsmeright #loveratheart #butillfightifihaveto