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Taking in the beautiful countryside views along I-80 eastbound around Truckee, CA. Gotta love the distant snowy mountains. Me and my parents were on the long road trip to Reno, NV at this time for our post-Christmas getaway there… (Tuesday, December 26, 2017) Summary of my snow/Reno after-Christmas outing with my parents:
We left San Jose by 11 a.m. We stopped around Soda Springs, CA to play in the snow for a bit & then finally arrived to Reno by sunset. Then after shopping a bit in Home Depot, we got KFC & headed to our final destination at the Peppermill Reno Resort. After we checked in & settled in our room, we ate dinner and then rested/called it a night… By the next day, we slept in & then my parents went to eat at the Peppermill Island Buffet by 1 p.m. (I didn’t go since I felt under the weather ever since the night before). After chilling in the room until evening, my parents bought me a huge burger meal for dinner! I enjoyed the meal as evening slowly settles over Reno with X-men playing on the TV. This is night number 2…. We then left early the very next day just before 10 a.m. Brrrr, it was freezing out at the time! We stopped by at the Boreal Mountain Resort to take in last-minute snow views while on the way back home. It was a nice outing I had with my parents! (Outing taken place December 26-28, 2017)
When u went up the summit and manage to smile 😊 despite the cold wind blowing shivering your whole body. It was a great experience heading up to the camp, the home to the 1960 winter olympics. Temperature was to the lows of -9F aNd feels like -17F. ... lets make more memories this yeAr ⚓️✈️❄️😊 #squawvalley #winter #olympics ... and over looking the second deepest lake in the United States, Lake Tahoe 👌🏼❤️
How perfect when those memories were hers alone. 🖋 M . A . Ryan