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Happy #selfcaresunday!! Make sure to do one little to make yourself happy today 🌄 I made some more jewlery, as you know the holidays are coming up and I didn't want to fall into the pattern of overspending when these are made with love and customized to one's needs and personality. The first one is black Jade, Turquoise, and hermatite - which makes this bracelet a protection bracelet for the body and offers protection against negative energies or entities. This one was made for @gabbyxdearest 🌻 The second and third one is made with black and brown glass beads, with some black jade stones and hermatite 🌼🌼 - making these protection bracelets as well, the acorn charm bracelet was made for @cleveley97 🌱 I will have some for sale soon, if you have any suggestions, requests, or are interested, DM me, I can't wait to get started and make sure to check out @fightforthelovewedeserve, he's making jelwery as well 🌻
New Natural Turquoise Bracelets just in time for those December Birthdays!
Blake lively wearing these stunning earrings. The colour is amazing. Would these take your fancy? DM for customised earrings #blakelively #turquoisejewelry
Turquoise Line Studs / Shop link in profile