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It's less than 2 months before a very large group of coaches from our team head off to this year's Success Club trip at the Unico Resort and Hard Rock Hotel in the Riviera Maya! . Most of these coaches have earned their FREE All Inclusive stay at the hotel over the last year, simply by helping a few people each month. . Although many of our Super Trainers like Shaun T, Tony Horton and Autumn Calabrese will be there to mingle and get a sweat on...the main purpose is to chill, hang out with old friends, make new ones and celebrate another amazing year! . They just announced next year's trip will be aboard the largest Cruise Ship ever built!!! Angèle and I are not necessarily cruise people, but who can pass up a free trip with 3,000 of our closest friends 😉. . Hasta la Vista amigos! . . . . . . . . . #tacosarelife #countrymusic #foodiegram #sciencenerd #scubadiver #islandvibes #sunlover #dadbod #instantpot #tropics #fitdad #fitnessuk #ukfitfam #lovemylife #cleaneater #beachlover #icecreamman #fitmom #momlife #dadlife #irishboy #frenchgirl #cutekids #entrepreneur #momblogger #momsofinstagram #vacation #beachlife #famjam
To “travel” means something different to all of us. Some find it scary, some find it invigorating . In my early 20s I was afraid of traveling. But of course, I wouldn’t admit it and came up with every excuse in the book . My grandparents were always pushing me to travel and I would tell them “I had to work.” I was a server/bartender at the time so if I didn’t work, I didn’t make money . Finally, my grandma said to me “If you had the flu you’d be missing work.” And that’s all I needed to hear! . Two weeks later I was on a flight to Israel for 13 days. Not kidding. Quite a jump for a new traveler but that’s how I roll 😉 A trip that changed my life. I never looked back . 6 years and 16 countries later I am hosting my own trip combining my love of travel and my love of health and wellness. And boyyyy have I learned how to stay healthy and grounded while traveling . On our 7 day wellness retreat in Portugal we will learn these tips while staying active with daily, going out to eat and learning how to navigate dining out to stay healthy. We will go on adventures like taking a day trip to Seville, Spain, and a boat ride to these INCREDIBLE caves. Our private chef will always have our house stocked with healthy snacks (approved by me 🤗), and we will create community which has a strong effect on our physical and mental health . I hope you’ll join our group as we have a few spots left. The trip is currently $250 off until March 9th. Use the linktree link in bio for more info or email us at hi #
Shoulder update: I thought it was back place but it wasn’t and it popped back in on Tuesday 😐 🎉 so now I can move it but I cant put load on it so today I trained legs and did a new squatting style. As I can’t put weight on my shoulder or get my arm in the position to hold a bar, front or back, this adds the weight without putting pressure on the upper body. Enjoyed playing around with this today, because new exercises are always fun 💪🏻 . . —————————- @bejuststrong MCOOK10. . —————————- #health #fitness #trusttheprocess #fitnessjourney #motivation #instafit #instadaily #gym #exercise #stronggirls #training #happiness #ukfitness #ukfitfam #fitfam #beabetteryou #selflove #selfcare #strongisbeautiful #shoulder #chest #feelgood # #squat #dislocation #rehab #injury #squadgoals #lookgoodfeelgood
I fell for all of these myths when I first started lifting 😅don't fall for them too! ・・・ 😂12 Dumbest Fitness Myths😂 by @realjaredhamilton - 🤯In all honesty it astounds me these are still so commonplace in the fitness world. - 🔥Always remember this: if someone ever says something like these statements, never be afraid to ask why or how. You’ll be surprised at how many people don’t have an answer. - ☝️Take a gander at this list & tell me which you’ve heard the most or ones that should be in the list! —— #fitness #alphalete #gunshow #bulking #diet #flexibledieting #ifitfitsyourmacros #iifym #deadlift #squat #powerbuilding #hypertrophy #physiology #workout #physique #cleaneating #irishfitfam #ukfitfam #fitsporation #proteinshake
Someone got a haircut today! 🐶 I never know what I’m doing but at least she’s cute..but she’s trouble! She always tries to bite me when I touch her feet! 😳
We would like to welcome our new trainer Gemma to the team💪🏼 To help you get to know about Gem a bit more we asked her a few questions😊: 1) Why do you love working at F45 Bull Creek ? I️ love the people, the atmosphere and how everyone gives it their all. There is a great vibe, like one big gym family. ❤️ 2) What's your favourite class at F45 and why? I️ have a few faves but probably Romans, Firestorm & Foxtrot. ❤️ 3) What do you like to do outside the gym ? Well I manage a cafe full time, so that keeps me busy and am bit of a foodie.☺️ I️ love to play basketball 🏀 and have 2 English Staffy fur babies who I️ love to bits 🐶🐶 I️ love hanging out with my hubby, family, friends. I️ myself have had amazing results since starting F45 over a year and a half ago, so I️ am truly passionate about what it can do to change you physically and mentally. I'm a people person and will definitely try to get to know each of my amazing clients. Let's smash your goals together and importantly let's have great enjoyable sessions. :) 💪💪💪❤️💕 Feel free to ask any of your own questions ..... Welcome to be famil @gemway2017 💙
Pushing my body during my workout while filling my mind with an amazing podcast show. Overcoming adversity and pushing through your struggles can bring about amazing things. Listen to this show by @gnmpodcast and be inspired!!