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🌱SO BRIGHT‼️🤩💋 My sunshine in the morning & starlight at night @keto.teos the sun is where you are, I love you so much❤️ I’m so looking forward to more hiking, fun, and laughter through it all!!! Thankyou Jesus for allowing me to share my life with someone so driven, forgiving, and kind😘 🍇🍊🥑🥦🥒🥕🍉🍒 #UnconditionalLove #TeamWork #OneYearAndSomeChange 🙌🏻🙌🏾 #OneYearAndCounting😻💋 #July4th🎉 #scottsdaleaz #scottsdaleyoga #scottsdalepilates #allnatural #vegan #veggie #organic #yogi #OrganicGirl #OG #yoga #pilates #loveandalliscoming
Sometimes I'm not sure what to do with my heavy heart. I can access moments of pain from long ago and feel them as raw as they were now. I want to let go and release the hurt. And sometimes I do ♡ _ For me, there has been no pain comparable to that of a friendship breakdown. I have lost loved ones to death and found those easier to grieve. I have lost relationships with lovers I felt an eternal affinity with. But those were easier to predict as they came with a warning "this may not last". Nothing has struck me as hard as the sudden loss of kinship from those I loved unconditionally. Those I chose as my family, my soul sisters and brothers. _ The thing about loving unconditionally, is that not many have mastered the art. You may see them with their strengths and weaknesses, and vow to love them through it all, accept them exactly as they are and as they evolve. But that does not mean you can rely on the same unconditional love in return. _ This is my weakness. But it is also my strength. I open my heart to compassion, I see beneath the surface layers and find the truth behind the words, the actions and thoughts. I see the light in everyone and I meet them with this tender heart. With empathy, I let them in. _ My past may prove that I have assumed the same of others. I thought they could see me, feel me, hear me, understand me. I thought they could trust me as I trusted them. The pain of learning this is not so is a burden. _ My journey on this Earth is to continue meeting all beings with this open heart. To avoid closing off and becoming hard. To become accustomed to the ebb and flow. To learn how to love from afar and to not feel weighed down by the grief of another. It is to protect myself from their projected views and to trust in myself unconditionally. I owe myself that unconditional love and space, at the least. For I am the longest and most intimate friendship I will ever have ♡