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We are welcoming in our new series // m o o n w i s d o m // ↠ a weekly insight on the teachings of the beautiful light that she is… Here’s to the first of many lunar teachings. _ Not giving in the shadows during a Scorpio daily moon (like today) will offer authentic space for growth, transformation and introspection through the magic within us. It is time to stay light, to be light and to shed what doesn’t serve us…. Tip toeing to the stars with our eyes wide open ! 💫🦕 _ #moonwisdomseries x #moontribe
You are right where you need to be on the right path. Everything is divine now. Let it be delays, they happen for a reason. Trust yourself, let go of the doubt now. Live without limitation... #universallessons
It's a very grounding realization to learn your life is made up of cycles, it makes life easier somehow, everything we go through is a lesson we needed to be stronger, or wiser, happier or balanced or whatever it is. Just show up for your universal lesson with an open heart X #rebirth #universallessons #love #happiness #strength #openheart #wisdom
I get a different sense of appreciation and gratitude for the life I lead as I appreciate witnessing the life of others. That's one of the beauties of traveling. Suddenly all the tiny problems you've faced throughout life or even the big ones seem so irrelevant, so small, and at times even so dumb. And at the end of the day, in comparison to this universe and all that it encompasses, I seem so irrelevant and so small too. Stay humble, stay grateful, stay conscious. That's my mantra for the day 💜✌ #speckinthedistance #iamnothing #iameverything #humilityiskey #grateful #ohlifehowiloveyou #universallessons
I knew something was in the atmosphere!!! #mercuryretrograde starts December 2nd. No need to fear. Just be mindful.
Today started with a rainbow 🌈 » A rainbow on my rearview mirror On the sky right behind me and it went across with its vivid colors I could see almost where it started and was just looking back at how beautiful it was I had never seen one so close, so vivid, and so perfect. » Perfect in image. Perfect in appearance. Perfect in its formation. Perfect in the divine creation it is. But also, Perfect for me. Perfect in timing. Perfect in beauty. Perfect in moment. Just perfect, In the right moment at the right time. It was the Universe sending me a message. And that message is that everything’s perfect when I trust. When I have faith. When I surrender. » Yesterday was one of those days filled with personal challenges. Yesterday, the rain was heavy, it poured. Yesterday was gray, Intense with mixed feelings and cloudy skies. Today I am grateful. Today I get a rainbow. Today is perfect, just as yesterday was. Today it’s bright and mixed with different hues and shades, Intense with gratefulness and vivid colors of hope and love. » Today is R A I N B O W » “Rainbows bring the promise that the troubles of today will surely come to pass, hold strong in your faith and vision and the rainbow will bring fresh beginnings, and new prosperity.” {Presley Love} . #upliftingbliss #foodforthoughtfridays #blissfulweek #blissfuldays #norainnorainbow #rainbow #theuniversehasyourback #perfect #everythingisperfect #love #loveislove #universallessons #surrendertolove
There are so many times when we get distracted by all the awful things in our world and what our minds limit us to. It’s time to stop focusing on the bad and realize your true potential!!💫 what you think you create, your thoughts become your reality! Let go of the past, and move onto the future. This moment is a gift, that is why they call it the present🙏🏻💕 YOU have the power to create your dream life and you are always one THOUGHT away from living out your true destiny! #dreambig #lawofattraction #thoughts #manifestdestiny #theuniversehasyourback #universallessons #motivation #lovelife #destiny #hardwork #persistence #happylife #boymom #meditation #love #thoughtoftheday #authenticallyyou
😂 I had to!! 😫 Cycles on cycles occurring until you get the lesson until you receive the message The YoUniverse has a funny way of playing out a method on how to reach Self-love Karmic lessons are real. It's the real deal teaching a whole lot so much growth are instilled within it as it come your way Karmic lessons travel with us and depending on where we are on our life path and what we have done both "good and bad" that favour is returned. These karmic cycles also is extended from past life travels (if you believe in past life reincarnation) Sometimes we get all the warning signs that are needed but we fall head over feet before even getting to the end of the storyline we just like to judge the book by its cover without ever going the full length of knowing someone inside out. Some of us are quick to commit out of fear or lack and being "alone" stemming from loneliness. It's good when we have companionship but it's even more rewarding to have a full connection above just chemistry. These are the real underlining factors that we should assert to before we make unwise choices. Some people are just passerbys as they may appear with a blessing of lessons in disguise and you may point at yourself wondering why all of these things are happening to me. Sometimes shit hits the fan so quick after you swear that these relationships were taking off on a smooth sail. Then you're like "whoaaa, wait how did this escalated so quickly" Sometimes the universe brings these warning signals and lessons to teach us a role on how to slow down and take our time with others. Even though it may feel like that one lost thing you prayed for sometimes the first half may seem like either really fruitful or a little rocky. The universe always wants to show you something. Like a judgement call, casting out the things you don't want that doesn't serve your highest good and being patient for the fruits on the tree to ripen. I'll say have patience to wait on a good thing. What you reap you rightfully sow. Every thing becomes exactly a mirror of yourself. And karmic lessons comes to challenge you whilst helping oneself to evolve, karmic cycles can be a bitch lol