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We all had a fantastic time with Ranger David Haggard from our home state of Tennessee, during today's Birds of Prey show! We got to see 2 types of Owls, a Red Tailed Hawk and a beautiful Bald Eagle! Ranger Haggard did a great job educating everyone about these birds and had us laughing, too. You won't want to miss this show when you come for Eagle Awareness Weekend! Be sure to check the link in our bio for more info! #homeschooling #unschooling #homeschool #unschool #homeschoolers #unschoolers #homeschooled #unschooled #homeschoollife #homeschoolinglife #unschoollife #lifelearning #learnthroughplay #play #kids #education #school #roadschooling #familytravel @marshallcoal
I love love buying Australian handmade & I support them as much as possible (I actually have my own handmade biz so it’s a no brainer - @sobeau_designs - shameless plug 😂)! And these two gorgeous brands are definitely worth supporting. If you other travelling mamas are looking for some super cool activities for your babes then look no further. The Grab N Go Kits from @kitsandgiggles are chockers full of educational games & activities suited specifically to their age group. While the Sanity Savers from @jilly_jumbles are pure genius & have kept my kids entertained on many a travel day or cafe date. Not sponsored, just in love! Enjoy 👍🏼 . . . #mumssupportingmums #educationaltoys #learningthroughplay #travellingaustraliawithkids #vanlife #outdooreducation #homeschooling #unschooling #distanceeducation #travelaustralia #lapofoz #handmade #supportsmall #australianmade
The other day we went up to a mountain town nearby and for the first time in my life I was hit with pretty bad issues adjusting to the high altitude change. Has anyone ever experienced that? I was so shocked since we have visited this mountain town really often with zero issues in the past. . I didn’t have a ton of oils with me but I remembered that Peppermint helps with adjusting and Frankincense supports healthy blood oxygen levels. I quick grabbed my oils and applied Frank to my ears and center of my forehead and the same for the peppermint. I also made sure I smelled the peppermint for a few minutes to help center my stomach with the dizziness and nausea I was experiencing. Within five minutes I was feeling better! I’m not sure what would have happened if I didn’t have oils but I am so glad I did! Especially being pregnant and knowing my body is extra sensitive to those changes. If you find yourself in a similar situation remember these two oils and get them on your body as fast as you can, don’t be afraid to reapply too, until symptoms subside. . Are you ready to get natural options into your home? Send me a message or email at anorville88 for all the details of my January promo, including $100 in free oils! . . . . . #doterra #essentialoils #parkcity #utah #thirdtrimester
morning drawing 🎨✍️
I think Noah communicates with animals, just like I feel I do! ☺️❤️ Amazes me how he looks at them right in the eye and also always tries to apply this amazing massage technique I taught him, #tellingtontouch! I love that he has this gift to connect with others so deeply! It all started with lizards, then came fish & cats... now it’s all about dogs & horses! ☺️ Today, I left this horse event with a heart full knowing Nico & Noah took time to say Hi to just about every single horse there! Well, we all did! Also the dogs! 💗 I have a strong feeling these two are going to stay their favorite! 🐴🐶💞 #animalsandkids #horselover #horsewhisperer #welovehorses #cuttinghorses #quarterhorses #horses
Today, Nico & Noah experienced their first horse event... all about cutting! 🐎 We also had a chance to learn a little about this small Decatur cowboy town! 🤠 . I had experience them a long time ago, but today we really had a chance to learn how this whole world works! How it’s all also about #trust! We also learned all about quarter horses and that a horse doesn’t necessary come to you by their name or because they recognize us, more because of the way we treat them, the energy they feel! 🐴💞 . Kids really enjoyed seeing lots of kids also doing the same with their parents! There were even 9 year old kids competing, all friendly to each other not even focused on necessary winning but simply have fun! They would even warm up horses galloping around, talking and hanging out! There were also lots of dogs loose and playing around with the small kiddos... very family oriented event! Loved it! We want more! . Now they want to explore more about this whole world, cowboy pants, boots, hat & of course their horse! 🤠 Told then we got to work really hard to make it happen! 💪🏼🙏🏼 #kidslearning #kidsandhorses #cutting #familyfuntimes #horselovers #cuttinghorses #quarterhorses
We always waited for Fridays and hated Mondays. We waited for weekends and hated weekdays. We waited for holidays and hated when it got over. Now I don’t know what day of the week it is today. A Sunday or a Monday is the same. A weekend or a weekday is the same. Holiday or no holiday is the same. Just being in the moment and living each day to its fullest. No more compulsions and conditioning. Just truly being. . . . . . . . . . #livingfree #no9to5lifestyle #livinginthenow #free #unconditioning #unlearning #unschooling #nojobs #noboss #nocitylife #myrules #myway #feelingcontent #contentlife #mountains #live #love #livewell #picoftheday #instagood #instagram #instapic #simplyhappyyogis #instapeace #instalove
My girls. How did I get so lucky? . . “If love's the truth then look no lies And let me swim around your eyes I've found a place I'll never leave Shut my mouth and just believe Love is the truth I realize Not a stream of pretty lies To use us up and waste our time; Lying smiling in the dark, Shooting stars around your heart, Dreams come bouncing in your head, Pure and simple every time...” -Lightning Seeds. . . #daughters #thankyouindia #thankyou #universe #catchyouwhenyoufall #mygifts #raisingdaughters #daughters #homeschooled #unschooling #thesweetestthing #strongwomen #independentwomen #youareenough #lightningseeds #wanderlust #nyc #manhattancenter #newyork #midtown #pennstation
Today marked my first visit to the San Bruno Public Library. When I crossed the street toward the front entrance, I was welcomed by a bible verse found in Psalm 111:13. ❤️ I usually stick to my local libraries, but I was on a mission to check out the first 6 books of Dragon Slayers’ Academy for Joshua. His goal is to read all 20! 🙌🏼 📌I’m not a huge book collector. Once in awhile, I’ll buy used books from our library, but after we read it through a few times, I donate them. I am on the path of minimizing what we own. So for now, the library will continue to be my main source for literature! And who doesn’t like free??? 🤗
This afternoon I went for a walk in the cold rain to stretch my legs. I came back wet and was sitting around in my long underwear with a cup of tea when the rain stopped and the light went magic. I darted outside with my camera and spent the next half hour watching the show, but this exact scene lasted maybe 60 seconds. You don't get too many of these per year. A light dusting of fresh snow graces the Pinal mountains above the freshly washed Saguaros and the Sonoran desert.