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I feel like I’ve hit that point in summer running when I’m just over it. The heat is oppressive and it is zapping all the fun out of running. Luckily I think we’re getting a reprieve soon (like tomorrow), but I think it’s all early mornings or night runs for me from here on out. Do you ever hit a heat breaking point? Like when you aren’t sure if you are actually in hell or not? 😈🔥
/BEING UNSTOPPABLE/ There are side effects to being an Unstoppable Woman. Be warned! . . Having boundless energy means you are more likely to pursue your dreams with gusto, to be filled with desire and ambition, to want to fill your days with pleasure and joy and to face your problems head-on. You will feel good and look good in your skin and reach your goals and achieve your dreams. . . The consequences of this are that you won't always be seen in a positive light- people will shun and criticise and be jealous of the life you lead! You might lose some friends, your relationships will change. Your days will be full-time but you will feel happy. . . I tell you this because I have seen this happen to me. In this picture I'm pure and unapolagetically 100% me, no makeup, no filter. But I've been misunderstood by those close to me for having the strength and courage and energy to do the things I've wanted. . . An ex-boyfriend once told me I have two speeds- fast and dead. He wasn't saying this in a positive way. . . I'd much rather be Unstoppable than tired and fatigued and unable to be 100% me. . . Wanna know how I run two businesses, work FT, commute for hours in a crazy city ever day, be a mum to a super active (Unstoppable!) toddler? . . Come join my free 5-day challenge that starts on Monday and get a taste for the unstoppable woman life. . . Link is in my bio or go to Can't wait to see you there!
Did a little torturing...i mean, training 😉 some of my high school powerlifters...and they kicked some serious ass. They’re reward? Choose how your coach performs her accessory work on a Friday . 🤣😱😜 Wide grip lat pulls 5x5 @140. BRUH...maybe I should rethink this reward system....nah, I’m good. 😎💪🏼💜 . . . . #grrrlarmy #grrrl #strongwomen #powerlifter #girlswhopowerlift #squat #bench #deadlift #accessories #teacher #teacherlife #coach #coachlife #keto #ketogains #ketopowerlifter #workdontwhine #findyourfire #hustleharder #noexcuses #strongereveryday #unstoppable #chasinggreatness #pennsaukenproud #codered
Viernes de inspiración🍍 Repost @elainefeliz1 Chicas esta sección de #viernesdeinspiracion no sólo será de personas que inspiran con su cabello. También le publicaré fotos de mujeres y hombres que de una manera u otra me han inspirado y han marcado mi vida. En esta ocacion quiero dedicar este espacio a este gran mujer. Me encanta su forma, lo que transmite. Me encanta como expresa su mensaje. Creanme que he aprendido mucho con ella. Su mensaje va basado en la EQUIDAD entre mujeres y hombres. Ella imparte conferencias, talleres y tiene un canal de youtube hablando sin pelos en la lengua temas que muchos no se atreven hablar pues los tienen como tabú. Les invito a pasar por su Instagram a ver su trabajo. . . . . . . . . . #laortografía #lifequotes #healing #inspiration #wealth #unstoppable #freedom #mentality #productivity #wisdom #grow #reflection #instagood #transforming #knowyourworth #knowledge  #opportunity #reciprocity