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BE THANKFUL🦃 - “If it ain’t then it’s got to go” Gloves being used; Dargos, Axios, Zyfer, Ignis. - To anyone that needs new gloves or is thinking of giving a pair for Christmas🎅🏽. We will be announcing an exclusive black friday discount that will start at midnight for subscribers only. SUBSCRIBE TODAY! - p.s. may start doing monthly giveaways for the best gk saves sent in to me. So if you want a free pair, send me a game winning save.
Remember, if you believe in it & back that up with hard work anything in life is possible! BELIEVE IN IT™️
Sometimes just have to go & sweat forget about everything & just be with the ball. Be with the field & let everything go. Don’t concentrate on improvement or drills, focus everything on sweating, pushing your body. Find meditation in intense movement
Victoire contre auch 27-23 et première place pour nous #usl 🐝
Thankful For Football