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Getting into that weekend mode
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#tbt to the @blackboxtv premiere party where zombies were roaming free in LA. BlackBoxTV is an awesome anthology series that I am so honored to have been a part of. I was introduced to Tony Valenzuela through the @youtube and digital content community when “new media” was just starting to be “a thing.” Tony had created an incredible #webseries called 2009 A True Story and I was hooked. His genius was evident from the first frame of that show. Skip ahead awhile later and @jennipowell was casting for an episode of BlackBoxTV that @berniesu had written and I jumped at the chance I work with this talented team. @seanafable starred in the episode and I had a blast working with them! You can check out BlackBoxTV, the episode “She Deserved It”, and all of the incredible series and films that Tony has created online! Horror/“genre” fans will love it. Just get ready to do a deep dive into his brilliant mind :)
I had no idea they made steel in this particular shade of blue. #bluesteel