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The leaves flutter in the wind, the seagull flies across the sky. The moon is moving too, but we just can't see it!
Im not perfect and yes, sometimes i do feel like i want to die. Sometimes i pretend im okay when im not. But ever since ive made this account ive been getting lots of support. Im so grateful to everyone who talks to me, rps with me and just tries their best to make sure im okay. You guys are all so wonderful and id just like to say thank you, all of you. You've all been there for me through it all, i really cant thank you enough. As always, dms are always open if you need a friend or someone to talk to. Make sure to smile, stay positive and safe. You are loved, you are beautiful and its all gonna be okay. I love you guys. Now enjoy this beautiful amyplier edit _____ Credit; @adoringmark . . #markiplier #amyplier #septiplier #vent #ily #safeplace #opendms #positive #darkiplier #youtubers #anti #antisepticeye #amy #peedles #jacksepticeye