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#vietnamesecoffee #ベトナムコーヒー ベトナムのコーヒーは本当においしかったー。だから沢山「家用」に買ってきました。 甘い飲み物が苦手なので、最初ちょっと「え?」と思ったけど、たくさん歩いているせいで疲れた体にエネルギーが注入される感じでした。 日本円にして150円ぐらいの小さなコーヒーショップでも、丁寧にドリップして、時間をかけて淹れてくれました。
There’s nothing like a nice cup of coffee to start the weekend. Try our Creative 8 product, filled with richness of flavour. Pop into our store: 8 Julian Way Somerset West Business Park Order online: __ #coffee #coffeeshop #vietnamesecoffee #capetown #gauteng
The Cambodian popped into UCC for a quick coffee and couldn’t resist a side of waffle with his beans. 100k total.
#tammystories Life is short, and the world is wide. Just go when you can 👉 Chia sẻ hành trình du lịch cùng @tammy_travel ;) . Những chuyến đi mang đến cho chúng ta nhiều trải nghiệm tuyệt vời. Đó là ký ức về những tháng ngày ta được thỏa sức tự do, không chút ràng buộc. Không báo thức hẹn giờ, không deadline đè nén chỉ có ta và những người bạn tuyệt vời. Những chuyến đi giúp bản thân được nạp lại năng lượng cho những chặng đường mới. Thế nên, bất cứ lúc nào có thể. Hãy đi và khám phá bạn nhé! . #tammytravel 🇻🇳 #Vietnam #toptags #vietnam_allshots #vietsky #vietnamonly #vietnaminstagram #travel #vietnamstyle #viet #holiday #vacation #travelling #sun #hot #love #ilove #instatravel #vietnamesecoffee #vietnamtravel #vietnamesegirl #vietnamfood #instalife #tourism #vietnamese #vietnamesefood #travelingram #vietnamviet
Life is often bittersweet. You sometimes go through the bitter first and give up before you get to the sweet bottom. But if you live your life accepting that the bitter things go with the sweet, then life tastes just fine. ☕️ #vietnamesecoffee #coffeethoughts #condensedmilkaddict
Người ta nói môi trường xung quanh rất ảnh hưởng đến việc bạn sex. Vậy sao không đến với chúng tôi 🤔 #goldenhotel #81 nguyễn khoái LH đặt phòng : 02433515666
2 weeks ago, my brother took me to a art-coffee shop, and I chose Bạc Xỉu for the first tried at this coffee shop. Bạc Xỉu (Bạc Tảy Xỉu Phé) - Bac Xiu is a Chinese expression used mostly by people living in Saigon. In its full length it goes like this: “Bạc Tảy Xỉu Phé” where Bạc means white/or silver, Tảy refers to an empty glass, Xỉu means “a little” and Phé stands for “coffee”. Put it all together and you get “a white glass with a little amount of coffee”. A little bit of Bạc Xỉu history: Back in the days of French colonialism, the fresh milk was rather expensive and/or often unavailable beverage to drink. Mostly because of the hot climate but as well because of Vietnamese non-milk drinking culture. Hence those Vietnamese (or French) who wanted to enjoy milk drinking had to reach for a more affordable and easier to buy condensed milk. Most Vietnamese didn’t like the taste of condensed milk mixed with hot water and therefore they started mixing in a tiny bit of coffee to make the drink more pleasant to drink. Bạc Xỉu was born. #bacxiu #vietnamesecoffee #vietnamesedrink #coffee #vietnamesefood #vietnamesecuisine #drinks This information I read on this site: