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“Sus ramas se extienden en el cielo, recibiendo la vida de las fuerzas de la naturaleza. Sus yemas son los placeres sensuales. Y sus raíces se prolongan introduciéndose en el mundo de los hombres, atrayendo a los mortales debido a sus acciones egoístas.” ⏩BG, XV,2 🔸 Cada día es una vida y todo camino empieza con un simple paso, sumérgete en tu interior y comprenderás que todo lo mejor ya está en ti; aprende de la naturaleza y corrige tus propios defectos porque nunca es demasiado tarde para cambiar el modo en el que vives; ya que los cambios son retos que abren la puerta a nuevas oportunidades. 🔸 🙏Namasté🙏 🔸 ✨Capítulos XV y XVI  #BhagavadGita101 🔸 🎆ASANA  #Vrksana 🔸 ✨Anfitrionas: @mintyogini @yoganama @irya_devi 🔸 ✨Patrocinadores: @binduspiritualfashion @jaico_publishing_house @malas_of_the_sun @perfectbalancetraining @yogaashramcat @yoguineando 🔸
There are 3 types of relationships—co-dependent, independent, and Interdependent. Independence is my comfort zone—not as admirable as you may imagine, I don’t often trust others enough to get the job done. This photo is special to me. It was taken at a time when I was wanting to date again—but I didn’t know how to let go,to be a couple without losing myself. And I was very alone. My independence, my yoga practice, my isolation was my comfort zone. I used my son as an excuse. These 3 relationships reside in all that we do as friends, workers, lovers, partners, parents. We rely solely on others, we rely solely on ourselves or we learn to walk with others and still keep who we are. That last one is the goal. #relationshipgoals #love #stepoutofyourcomfortzone #vrksana #108daysofmindfulness photo credit @holistichealingrn
Do like the trees in Autumn... Let that shit go 🍂 . Let go of those negative thoughts. Let go of patterns of behavior that do not serve you, and allow yourself to grow stronger and healthier in the process🌱 . Try starting your morning with a quick meditation of breathing in and bringing to mind a thing you'd like to let go of..exhale and release it. Maybe you even say to yourself "let go." 👋🏼
What a great experience hosting my first yoga retreat! And no better than place for the Beach Side Yoga Detox Retreat than at Casa Tara Retreat in Baja California! We are on schedule with morning vinyasa flow classes, beach meditations, Restorative yoga, and yoga nidra in the evenings. But of course we make time for adventurous beach walks, massages, paddle boarding, and relaxing by the pool after a delicious meal from the restaurant. I'm proud to say I can see the transformation in these beautiful yogis coming along already! #vinyasaflow #yogaretreat #yogis #beachsideyogadetoxretreat #yayforyoga #yogaeveryday #vinyasaflow #hathayoga #asanas #treepose #vrksana #sideanglepose #utthitaparsvakonasana #warriorvariations #virabhadrasana #yogaforinjuries #beginnerfriendly #yogashala #casatararetreat #seaofcortez #bcs #breathe #relax #detox #namaste #perspectiva #goodvibes
#Namaste Day 5 of #KiwiMadeYogis #TwistedTreepose 🌱 Join the Challenge Oct 16th to 22nd Today,i am doing #Vrksana 🌲 to praise #Tanemahuta, god of forests and birds 🐤🌲 Check out the Host's Profile to know the full story od #Tanemahuta 💚 open to all Yogis/non Yogis around the world to play!!! 💚KIWI MADE 💚  The 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ come from beautiful New Zealand 🇳🇿 and would love to share a little with you all in asana form, giving honour to Maori Gods of old. They've also selected beautiful NZ companies to provide some really unique and gorgeous gifts for the winners! 💚🥝🥝 Shoutout to the Host & Sponsors Hosts👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ : @blue.skies.and.butterflies @faithfoxmama @nasiebella @sam_edwards_yoganix  Sponsors🥝🎁🥝🎁: @avikamat_nz 💚 use 'kiwimade' for 15% off in October  @bohobluuz  @daisychain_nz 💚 10% off during challenge till end of October using code 'yogavibes' @faithfoxdesigns  @inspirityoganz @sasa_collective 💚 15% off now to Oct 31st : code 'kiwimade @realworldnz 💚 15% off 16th Oct to 14 Nov 2017 : code FaithFox  @candlemecrazynz  @forageandbloom  @tuwharetoa_bone  @zeenyaclothing 💚 use discount code 'kiwiyogis' for 15% off during challenge  @tinyskinscribbles 🥝To be eligible to be considered for some extra love once the challenge ends please make sure to  1: Follow all hosts and sponsors 2: Repost this flyer, ask some friends to play along  3: Make your account public so that we can see you  4: Cite hosts and sponsors and challenge hashtag :  #kiwimadeyogis 5: Respect your body at all times, play with the asana and have fun but please do not hurt yourself for a photo! 6: share some love amongst the other participants, this is a loving and kind yoga community, let's lift each other up! 💚Pose lineup 💚 **Please check on the Host and Sponsors and give them some shoutout for the poses of the day** 😍 #igyogachallenge #KiwiMadeYogisChallenge #OctoberYogaChallenge
been doin this #yoga and wearing the same clothes so long now 💁🏼 #vrksana 👭 teaching at @kindredmovement tonight 6pm flow and 7.15pm yin
นอนดึก ก็จะแอบหลับในคลาสตลอด อ้ะ 😴 . @kanachala ทำไมเลือกแต่ท่าที่ความหนักมันใกล้เคียงกันขนาดนี้ หือออ 📸 by พี่เอ้ @aeeystl . #inversion #headstand #tripodheadstand #buddyyoga #partneryoga #treepose #vrksana . #yoga #yogalife #yogaeverywere #yogaphotography #yogapractice #yogalove #instayoga #yogamen #yogaposes #yogafit #yogagram #yogaaddict #yogadaily #asana #yogajourney