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And so it goes😔... #thisworldneedsanenema #Repost @theawakeners with @get_repost ・・・ #Repost @manfromthestars ・・・ #FreeKanye Yall gotta leave my boy Kanye alone. It’s not his fault. He’s under heavy MK ultra mind programming... But hey what do I know?!!! 🐸☕️ Well I know this, Musicians who don’t conform that speak their mind and have a strong following are dangerous to the status quo. e.g. Bob Marley, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Prince, Tupac... etc etc. and what do they all have in common? ☠️ Now here’s some picture painting: name a rapper with more clout and fame than Kanye who’s more wreckless, speaks his mind, talks his truth, who isn’t afraid to tell it how it is no matter the consequence? Oh, and who’s wife is arguably the most popular female celebrity in the world (whether you like her or not) FACT! He was a threat and knew more than he should. The boy was woke and UNCONTROLLABLE and UNPREDICTABLE; a bad combo for certain folks. You see the industry finds clever ways to put muzzles on people like this in absurd twisted ways. Ever since that Jay-Z controversy where he spoke out about the industry and “J Hov”, Kanye immediately got admitted to the hospital (mandatory) and then the boy dyed his hair and went turbo on us! And trust me when i say that when I met him I could tell just by looking in his eyes he wasn’t the same man, the eyes never lie Chico. Y’all need to be wearing FREE KANYE shirts now that Meek Mill is home. #JustSaying #Research #MKUltra #kanyewest #kayne #GetOut #FreeKanye #RapperTurnedPuppet #MusicWillSaveUs #wakeup
Starting the day right, @truegritaustralia course testing at dawn! This weekend is going to be huge! See you all out on course!
Bro did his thang on this #NoOffenseChallenge too! 💪🏼 Some of these submissions are neck in neck so it’s gon be a tough choice but that’s a Good thing in this case!! Keep em coming in y’all 💯💯 #Repost @rareofbreed ・・・ 🚨 Had to do the #NoOffenseChallenge 🚨Big S/O to the man @illuminateitw for always keepin it 💯 and sharing the truth no matter what. Love you big bro! Yo @dayvitodem @officialmiketeezy @theonekeon @therealtonetouch y’all want in? . . . . . #CHH #challengeaccepted #rap #hiphop #instavid #HogMob #Kingdom #real #Jesus #truth #repost #TheMission #purpose #music #artist #witness #nofear #whynot #inspire #wakeup
Just a #wakeup call Ladies, if you want to go from picture #1 to picture #4 in one sitting WAKE UP-you are dreaming. If you want to have healthy hair just like this, it involves many products to balance the porosity during your hair session along with at home care as well. This picture was separate lightening sessions 10-1 weeks a part from each other with toning involved. At home care should be proper shampoo and conditioner, conditioning treatments (olaplex) and a blow dry serum. All this makes your hair look like picture #4...if you want to cut corners and save money, your overall integrity will not be as healthy. Thank you for understanding what most people do not 🤗😍
They trying our intelligence, our president DUMB, ARROGANT, AND PREJUDICE!!! Im glad I'm half Bahamian cuz our leader make us look hellaSTUPID TO BE AMERICAN!!! I love my country but not our president!! 💯 Kanye West is a MF coon, Trump is Diddy and Kanye is loon..ol house nigga in my other life kayne was a house nigga "ol yes sir can I sit on counch Massa ass uncle Tom ass nigga" I was Django remember the "d" is silent..u brainwashed on A System that's for to fail!!! How u change on yo people?? Must of forgot bout being a college dropout and forgot where came from? Kim stressing him out he trying new drugs n shit!!! I expect that Trump cuz he the devil, I'm addressin shit, immma take a trip to white house, protesting shit ain't gonna change nothing but I want to hear me shit cuz imma fool I over the HEADLINES call this breaking news!!! #NewAmerykah #wakeUp #UnderStandMe @erykahBadu #likeforlike #share #commentforcomment #StreetPolotics #TronDaProphet 💯Gang