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WALLPAPER STICKER Ukuran 45 cm x 10 m Rp 60.000/roll 3 roll harga Rp 55.000/roll 1 koli (30 roll) harga Rp 50.000/roll 2 koli (60 roll) harga Rp 45.000/roll 5 koli (150 roll) ke atas Rp 43.000/roll (Berlaku Untuk Semua Motif, Motif Boleh Campur) Wallpaper Sticker cara mudah dan praktis untuk mempercantik dinding. Wallpaper sticker terbuat dari bahan PVC kualitas premium grade A dengan lapisan waterproof anti air, sehingga lebih mudah dibersihkan bila terkena noda. Tidak mudah sobek, kuat serta tahan lama. Sudah ada lem / perekatnya, jadi praktis dan mudah pemasangannya tanpa harus panggil tukang 😁 Cocok dipasang untuk dinding, triplek, kaca, keramik, kulkas, mesin cuci, lemari piring, kompor gas, dll Nama penerima : Alamat penerima : No. Hp penerima : Jumlah wallpaper : - Wallpaper sticker 👉 Follow Instagram @linaputracell - Wallpaper premium 👉 Follow Instagram @wallpaperpremium_linaputracell Kirim ke : WA : 087839550410 (fast respon) #linaputracell
• B I G L O V E • What a fabulous market day yesterday! Thank you to everyone who came and said hello and loved my art! Those of you who were lovely enough to purchase my art and take it home with you 😍😘 There was lots of comments about how they love the detail - that it’s great for kids of all ages 👏🏼 Lots of love for the whales! Yesterday’s popular pieces were.... the whales, the fabric wall decals (the separate pops of nature!👌🏼 like stocking fillers!), Mrs Wellington 🦔 and Herb Wreath 😍 Anyway, it was so good to see familiar and new faces! Thank you again for supporting my little business guys! I was totally in bed by 7pm 😆😴 Big Blue as that big fabric wall decal here.... soon to be released online this week 🐋 . 📷 @wildberry_art . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #wildberryart #whaledecals #wallstickers #fabricwallstickers #interiorsforkids #kidsroomideas #kidsroomdecor #playroominspo #boysroomdecor #boysroom #barnerominspo #boysroominspo #littleandfierce #fiercelittleones #boymama #supportsmall #shopsmallau #esperance
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Decorate and redecorate your Christmas tree as many time as you like... without the headache! These fabric wall decals are removable AND reusable... perfect for those little ones that love moving things around. 🎄 #wallternatives