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Day 21 (part 2) - BACK!
Day 21 (part 1) - Evaluation w/ Coach @mrhyde_xfarmy and @bianca_longsocks_scott. AB came in at 16.6% BF (started at 19.4%). BY came in at 7.4% (started at 9.2%). Coach was pleased with the progress, and told us we were both right where we need to be. We practiced a little posing today, and implemented necessary changes to our protocol. We are both currently cutting, and each have a few more pounds to lose before we begin reverse dieting into our lean bulk. We are still very early in the process, but we’re both pumped for what’s to come. Gotta say we’ve got a Grade A coach in our corner with a plethora of knowledge, and true passion for this sport. Stay tuned, Team AB/BY is under construction!! 💯
Killer pump on this fasted leg day. Fueling the workout with the wonderful preworkout stack from @redcon1 with total war and big noise. Stacked with moab double tap and silencer. Finishing up the heavy stuff with some bfr extensions and curls for the extra pump. Don't forget to jump on . Com for all your supplement needs and amazing gym clothing use that code T20 Jason punchy and save yourself 20% off your products to fuell that amazing workout. #rc1 #thehigheststateofreadiness #meatheadnation #tieroperator #family #weare # #bigthingscomingat43 #fit4life
The Goal is to always do better than your last attempt/shot/outcome. We only compete with ourselves so there is no limit on our growth. Become self driven. ———————————————————— 👑The King Is Here👑 💢SHARE💢 ———————————————————— 🔺Supplements: @redcon1 Discount code: EbonyKing10 ———————————————————— DM any questions, I try to answer all so go ahead and DM me. 📨DM for custom training plans👑 ———————————————————— ♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️♣️ #Redcon1 #WeAreRedcon1  #TeamRedcon1 #bodybuilding #fit #ripped #motivation #fitness #classicphysique #melaninfitness #gym  #aesthetics #explorepage #fitnessmodel #health #follow #IFBB #musclevideos #melanin #photooftheday #ClassicPhysique #tbt #wshhfitness @ragingsilverback @jeremypotvin_ @hypertrophycoach   @dwihmagazine  @aaronsingerman @blackfitnesstoday  @themusclephd @redcon1tieroperators @dvddestdvddies @fit_chocolate365 @supportmilitarymuscle @ebonymuscle @redcon1 @redcon1_frontline @swoledadof3 @ebonyfitfreaks
Little chest and biceps on this rainy ass sunday. Add always field by Total War and Big Noise sour gummy bear stack! Crazy pump working these two muscle groups together. If you havent tried it then you need to! Superset each chest workout with a bicep curl variation and see the difference it will make but taking your muscles out of the comfort zone! For all your @redcon1 needs click the link in my bio and use my code "T20Coreysp" and get 20% off your entire order! Get yours to see what all the hype is about!! #higheststateofreadiness #onemissiononeteam #weare #rc1operator #fitfirefighter #fitness # #ready #family #totalwar #bignoise #grunt #stacked #jacked #gainz #hardwork #fitfam #betteryou #bestinthebusiness #chestandbiceps #reps #battletested #curlthatshit
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Just had a good leg day, i was sick the last 2 days😪throwing up, not fun, but im better now it seems, gonna relax the rest of the day, might go out later tonight💁sitting at 164 pounds, 2 pounds down from last week, hopefully the weight keeps coming off steadily🔥the scale says im at 15% bodyfat, 8-12% is a good lean weight to hover around but since my goal is to compete, 6% is what im aiming for maybe 4-5% if im lucky enough to withstand that level of body fat, i have the dedication no doubt, gotta keep them shades on😎 #rc1operator #weareredcon1 #liftheavy #naturalbodybuilder