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You need to try these amazing slushies, you guys! Seriously. They are that good! Frozen layers of peach and strawberry mixed with white wine – oh yes!! Grab the how-to right here at
#Our Christmas Kindness Project is here! @HAFhelps is giving a bag of 5kg rice,a bottle of vegetable oil and a pack of seasoning cubes each to 10 elderly people resident in Lagos (in addition,there are very many GOOD gently used clothes,footwears and household items for others who may not benefit from the rice&oil).. If you have or know anyone who TRULY needs this pls drop the names and contact numbers in the comment.(pick up is on the mainland) #hafhelps #elderly #charity #family #christmas #wecare
There is a Family we can offer orphans and poor children... They are everywhere around us; we may not have the opportunity to have them around our tables, but we can share our tables with those little angels... Our heart is everywhere we stand... #Orphans #Family #Christmas #WeLoveOrphans #WeCare
@girlbosset in our deep Cruls 2bundles 16inch 1bundles 14inch 14inch Closure 3way Part PLACE YOUR ORDER TODAY & GET DISCOUNT !!! WHATSAPP 0835509681 #WECARE 👑 Thank You for the Support babe 😙
#جوز_الهند هو الفاكهة التي يُطلق عليها اسم "شجرة الحياة" بفضل خصائصها العلاجية، وليس مستغرباً إن كانت هذه الفاكهة الاستوائية غنية بالعناصر الغذائية سواء إن تم تناولها كأكل أو عن طريق شرب مياهها أو استهلاكها كزيت فهي مصدر غني بالألياف والفيتامينات والمعادن والأحماض الأمينية #ماركت_الواجهة_البحرية #وجهتكم_المثالية #زورونا #نحن_نهتم_بكم #الفاكهة_الطازجة #الخضروات #تمتع_بالصحة #الطعام_الصحي #دبي #الإمارات A fruit of what is dubbed the ‘Tree of Life’ thanks to its various healing properties; it comes as no surprise that this tropical fruit is rich in nutrients. Whether you’re eating the meat, drinking the juice, or consuming it as oil, #coconuts are a delicious and nutritious source of fiber, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. #WeCare #Wellness #FreshFruits #Vegetables #Health #Dubai #UAE #VisitUs
Karena penjajahan di atas dunia harus dihapuskan karena tidak sesuai dengan prikemanusiaan dan keadilan... . Israel bukanlah sebuah Negara, Israel tidak mempunyai ibu kota, Israel hanyalah penjajah yg didukung oleh amerika dan sekutu... . Dan yerusalem adalah milik Bangsa Palestina #FreePalestine #SaveOurPalestine #SaveAlQuds #WeCare
Christmas and the holiday season are just in the corner! Do you have a Christmas tree at home? And do you go for a real tree or an artificial one? A real tree is more sustainable than the artificial one. Why real tree? According to the Carbon Trust, real trees have lower carbon footprints than artificial ones. It estimates that a 2-metre artificial tree has a carbon footprint more than twice that of a real tree that ends up in landfill, and more than ten times if the real tree is burnt. And real tree plantations improve the atmosphere, reducing humanity’s carbon footprint. Or simply use your creativity to make your own Christmas tree with reusable material, or decorate a real plant. 🎋 📸 credited to Digsdigs⠀ ⠀ #SustainabilityEdu #christmastree #sustainable #Holidays #holiday_Season ⠀ ⠀