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➡️Le proteine, nella giusta quantità ovviamente, andrebbero assunte sempre. - ➡️Sulla quantità di assunzione esistono ancora delle versioni contrapposte tra la comunità scientifica tradizionale e non: fondamentalmente 0.9 grammi di proteine per ogni chilogrammo di peso corporeosi ritiene sia sufficiente nella vita quotidiana, ma tuttavia risulta un po’ poco per chi pratica sport regolarmente. - ➡️Ma 1.5 grammi per chilogrammo, con un aumento a 1.9 grammi (al massimo a 2/2.5 grammi ma solo in determinati periodi e in particolare se siete un bodybuilder) - 👉🏼Colazione: avena o pane con frutta secca, frutta fresca e proteine. - 👉🏼Pre-workout: Consumare un pasto proteico (con carboidrati, naturalmente) almeno 1 ora prima dell’allenamento. - 👉🏼Post-workout: C’è una finestra, a fine allenamento, di circa 30-60 minuti in cui reintegrare carboidrati e proteine, quando cioè l’ organismo è pronto ad assorbire rapidamente quello che ha consumato. - Sfruttiamo al massimo questa finestra ma ricordiamo: niente grassi in questo momento, essi non servirebbero ad altro che a rallentare la digestione, quindi l’assorbimento dei nutrienti, quindi il recupero nutrizionale dopo la fatica. - 👉🏼Prima di andare a letto: Possiamo scegliere le caseine(proteine a rilascio “lento”, quindi con specifiche funzioni anticataboliche)  oppure le whey isolate ( rilascio “veloce” e più digeribili), ma non esiste la proteina ideale e giusta per tutti, quindi la scelta va fatta anche in base a caratteristiche individuali. - Aggiungiamole allo yogurt (anche del tipo intero) e a dei frutti di bosco e 1 ora più tardi saremo pronti per andare a dormire, il nostro corpo si riposerà e nel contempo si rinforzerà durante la notte. - ➡️Ricordate: questi sono solo alcuni dei momenti in cui assumere proteine, ma non certamente gli unici. Dosiamole per tutto l’arco della giornata durante i pasti e gli snack, diamo sempre naturalmente  la massima priorità a quelle contenute negli alimenti - TRATTO DA @myproteinit - Se questo post ti è stato utile, lascia un commento 😉 - #weightloss #losingweight #fatloss #losingfat #fatlossjourney #weightlossprogress #weightlossjourne
Lunch for the next few days is sorted 😎 I used a Dolmio traybake sauce thing for the chicken, a mixed vegetable pot and half a bag of rice - although low fat, rice can feel like a blow-out food due to it being quite calorific, so I've used 3 tbsp in each just to bulk it out. 💖 . . #mealprep #weightloss #weightlossjourne
Y'all know how I feel about weight loss marketing and weight loss products- they make me want to punch a bitch. I actually largely agree with my good friend on this topic- she wrote an awesome post a few weeks back addressing the weight loss product craze and her disdain for it. Obviously, when I saw an email in my inbox from a company promoting a detox tea specifically called Flat Tummy Tea, I rolled my eyes to the sky and promptly clicked delete. However, I thought about my reaction. I thought about all of the pills and supplements that people use to lose weight. I thought about all of the artificial products we use to change our bodies and how much long term physical, mental, and emotional damage they cause. And I thought about how many of you might actually enjoy a detox tea with natural ingredients if it had a different name. I mean, let's face it- if changed their name to "Namaste Tea", I bet there'd be a hungry mass of backbending yoga practitioners swearing by the properties. So I told Flat Tummy Tea I'd give their product a shot for a few weeks- just to see if it's actually worth a damn. In order to do this, I have to completely set aside my weight loss product prejudice, and it's hard as hell. But prejudice is lame, even if it comes from a good place. And this tea is actually pretty delicious-a few years ago, I worked as a farmer's market tea salesperson for Greensboro's best tea company (what up, !), and I can taste lots of flavors I haven't had in my mouth since my early mornings at the Farmer's Curb Market. Sure, it increases metabolism and boosts energy, but I'm not trying to make a daily commitment to a beverage that isn't also tasty. I don't know how I feel about it, but I'm willing to give a shot. Not because I give a rat's ass about having a flat belly, but because I don't want to judge something I know nothing about. (BTW, this top by is one of the most comfortable yoga tops I've ever worn and it's ridiculously supportive- it's on sale and I have too much to say about it, so I'll find time to post about it tomorrow.) #weightlossproblems #weightlosssurgery #weightlosssupport #weightlossprogram #weightlossrecipes #weightlossjourne
LOVE LOVE LOVE this... I can’t even tell you how much I love this!!! . . #Repost @cartergood with @get_repost ・・・ . Recently, a lady messaged me asking for advice or tips to convince her husband to get on board with her decision to lose weight and better her health. ⠀ Apparently, every time she cooks herself a healthy meal or goes for a walk, he belittles her efforts or says she's getting "too obsessed." ⠀ What’s more, when she doesn’t want to go out for drinks or snack on candy, he’ll act as though it’s a direct insult to him. ⠀ As if her choice to indulge or not is directly correlated to her love for him. ⠀ It’s a shitty situation. ⠀ It’s a situation a lot of people find themselves in, too. ⠀ Maybe you’re in this situation right now with your husband, wife, partner, parent, friend, etc… ⠀ My advice — while tough to swallow — is this: ⠀ You need to… ⠀ First —> make sure you clearly explain to them WHY your decision to eat healthy & exercise is important to you. ⠀ Second —> do what’s right for you, and ignore the people who attempt to make you feel bad or guilty for it. ⠀ I know, it can suck 😕 ⠀ Remembering this will help… ⠀ Anytime someone tries to guilt trip you for making healthy choices, it’s rarely (if ever) because of you. ⠀ It’s not because they don’t love or care about you either… ⠀ Instead, it’s because of THEIR insecurities and THEIR lack of discipline. ⠀ Change is tough cookies, and it’s a lot easier to pull you down to their level than for them to upgrade alongside you. ⠀ The Bottom Line ✅: It sucks when you don’t have support from others. Especially when the “others” are people you genuinely care about… ⠀ But at the end of the day, YOU need to do what’s right for YOU. ⠀ If they want to support you, all the better. ⠀ If not, it’s their fault. Not yours. — ⠀ #cartergood #weightloss #losingweight #weightlossmotivation #weightlosstips #weightlossinspiration #selfmotivation #motivateyourself #youvsyou #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitspo #fatlosscoach #weightlosscommunity #weightlosscoach #dietmotivation #howtoloseweight #dieting #healthybody #healthymind #heathymindset #weightlossjourne
¡A comer! 🥗 . ¡Qué colorido!, ¡qué apetecible! Son, entre otras, algunas de las frases que con tanto cariño me dejáis cuando subo mis comidas. ¡No sabéis cuánto os lo agradezco! 💖 . Y es que este fue uno de los primeros cambios que introduje: hacer que me apetezca ❤️ . En mi caso no había manera de que comiese fruta, verdura, mucho menos pescado. Impensable. Cuando me ponía a dieta comía deprisa y corriendo intentando pasar el mal trago de esas verduras imposibles cuanto antes. Resultado: era imposible mantener ese hábito y a las dos semanas terminaba abandonándolo, arrastrando la frustración y añadiendo a la mochila un nuevo fracaso 🧡 . ¿Qué podía hacer?. Intentar que me apeteciera ese momento. Busqué el rincón que más me gusta del salón y puse ahí la mesa. Soy la niña colorín, me encantan los colores, así que fui poco a poco comprando manteles individuales de distintos colores y subí mi colección preferida de música de relajación (normalmente sólo la utilizaba para dormir) 💛 . A la hora de empezar con la comida elegí verduras que podía tolerar y la hora de comer se convierte en todo un ritual 💚 . Según llego a la cocina elijo el CD de música de relajación que me apetece escuchar en ese momento. Después, elijo el color del mantel según me pida el cuerpo. Coloco los cubiertos y ¡a la nevera! 💙 . Para hacérmelo más fácil combino en el plato algo que me guste mucho con algo que me guste menos. No me voy a poner acelgas y merluza porque yo me muero de aburrimiento pero unas judías verdes y una merluza... ya es otra cosa 🖤 . Y fuera cualquier distracción: ni móvil, ni tele ni nada de nada. Me quedo con mi comida, disfrutando de todo el proceso: desde poner la mesa hasta el último bocado ❤️ . Y ojalá haber hecho esto antes. Ojalá 💜💙💜
Guten Morgen 🙃 Die erste Klausur liegt hinter mir 💪 Gefühl ist Mittel. Hoffe allerdings, dass ich noch im 2er Bereich lande. Die Endnote wird eh noch mit einer anderen Note verrechnet, da es zwei Prüfungsleistungen für dieses Modul gibt 😉 Für mich geht's jetzt erstmal zur Arbeit. Dort wird erstmal gefrühstückt: Erdnuss Bananen Muffins ☝️Diesmal etwas angewandelt. Genießt den Tag 😘 #startyourdayright #cleanbaking #foodisking #absaremadeinthekitchen #studentslife #fitness #fitgirl #gymtime #workout #heretocreate #motivation #easymeals #eatclean #healthy #discipline #fit #curvyandstrong #focus #fitspo #fitnesslove #fitfamde #fitfam #instafit #fitnesslifestyle #weightlossjourne
Today has been a hard day, all I want to do is stuff my face!! I find the days I’m on the road are the worst, trying to find food that’s healthy and can be eaten while driving isn’t easy. Doesn’t help that I forgot to make breakfast so had to get something from a service station. Settled with an egg and spinach protein pot and then grabbed a sandwich later for lunch which had made me feel rough, why does bread hate me so much! 😔 - - - #healthyeating #healthylifestyle #weightlossjourne #zeromotivation #lifeontheroad #saleslife
Subway dancer. Haven't done a yoga pose on the go for a photo in forever... I remember when that was my normal - my hands were always dirty from handstanding in the weirdest places😂 I took a yoga class today. Can't remember the last time I was in a class with less than a palm space between mats. Most people dislike cramped practice rooms but I love it so much. So, so much. There is something about people coming together, getting out of their comfort zones and uniting just to move and breathe. My favorite classes are the messy ones. It's simple, really. Today I got to stretch and move and sweat crammed in a tiny space full of strangers and I love it. Sometimes I shy away from studio classes because there is always someone wanting to talk, ask questions, take a selfie. Being "Yoga Girl" in the yoga world has both ups and downs. It's odd and normally it's all fine but I've been craving privacy and today no one said anything and I got to just blend in. I'm still not sleeping and it's so hard but it's also making me acutely aware of... Well, everything. Being a mother forces me to be present, fully here, in every moment. Her mood and needs change so quickly I have no choice but to be fully immersed in her being. I can't be anywhere else in my mind but here, now, and I don't want to be. The few moments I'm not with her, I'm so enjoying space and time to myself that the most mundane things become absolutely glorious. A cup of coffee. Walking the dog. Taking a yoga class. Today I had the most amazing practice, not only because I loved the teacher or the room, which I did, but because I was fully there. I guess what I'm trying to say is... It's not easy. I'm a full time mom and working full time and sleeping none of the time🙈 I wonder if I'll ever feel rested again. If I'll ever wake up in the morning without my body aching from a night of not sleeping. I know I probably will. Until then, I'm here. Loving my baby and practicing my yoga. One day at a time☺️✌🏼 #yogaeverydamnday #yogagirl #motherhood #practice #weightlosstips #weightlossdiet #weightlossresults #weightlossinspiration #weightlossideas #weightlosschallenge #weightlossjourney2015 #weightlossjourne
The Herbalife Nutrition Digestive Health Program helps your body function at its best, it includes Herbal Aloe Concentrate, 21-Day Herbal Balancing Program and Simply Probiotic. The digestive system plays an important role as it extracts and absorbs nutrients from food for the body to use for energy, growth and cell repair. 🌻 Click the LINK IN MY BIO to learn more about Supporting healthy gastrointestinal function* with this 3-in-1 program. #Healthcoach #newresults #askmehow #21daystolife #SweetEminence #herbalifenutrition #fitness #healthy #weightlossjourne y #fitfam #fitnessaddict #fitspo #sisterhood #training #cleaneating #getfit #success #motivation #lifestyle #diet #weightloss #exercise #gymflow #active #muscle #dallas #abs #groupfitness #veganfit #servantleadership
During the Holiday weekend a friend of mine was sharing with me about her Dad’s heart problems and as I thought about it more today I was like oh my goodness I am so grateful for Nite Works ❤️Stroke and heart attacks are the cause of death to my grandmother and great grandmother . . . Support the healthy function of your heart, brain and other organs with Niteworks®.* I use this nighttime supplement formulated with L-arginine and L-citrulline to help the body create more life-supporting Nitric Oxide.* Try it in two delicious flavors. CLICK THE LINK IN MY BIO TO ORDER ‼️ #Healthcoach #newresults #askmehow #21daystolife #SweetEminence #herbalifenutrition #fitness #healthy #weightlossjourne y #fitfam #fitnessaddict #fitspo #sisterhood #training #cleaneating #getfit #success #motivation #lifestyle #diet #weightloss #exercise #gymflow #active #muscle #dallas #abs #groupfitness #veganfit #servantleadership