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slowly chipping away. building shapes 💪🏼💪🏼 really need to get the head down and get the focus back 100% no distractions not even got hard yet lets see how this looks with another 10lbs off 😎
Greek god in the making. Stay tuned.
I had a few moments to myself before teaching classes and thought I’d get in a bit of tumbling before the gym filled up with students. It had been a hot minute since I attempted back hand-springs and wanted to give it a try before completely wiping out and embarrassing myself. Things went a little better than expected, but what I realized is, looking like you’re in shape and actually being in shape are two horses of completely different colors. I felt like dead weight trying to get my body to do what it use to. Muscle doesn’t mean a darned thing if you don’t put forth effort to stay flexible and agile. Having muscle does not mean you are athletic. After looking at the videos, I cringed at how sloppy they were and realized just how out of shape I am. Concentrating on building muscle for the last three years has it’s pros and cons...I sacrificed athleticism for aesthetics. There are skills I will never be able to perform again due to injuries, but keeping up with what I am capable of is now a priority. Moral of the story...keep stretching, do what you can to stay agile. You’ll feel better and move with ease. #stretch #flexibility #agility #tumbling #backhandspring #gymnastics #fitness #tumbletrack #weights #cardio #keepgoing #dontstop #keepmoving #doyourthing
Motivation keeps you consistent. Consistency creates change. - This isn't something that happens in 12 weeks or 21 weeks as the fitness industry would allow you to believe. - This is something that happens over time while you grow and progress and learn about yourself and your body. 💪 #bodytransformation #weightloss #beforeandafter
Flat as crap physique update after several lower carb days, but hello hi, little under 2 months out from my first show of this year👋🏼 - I feel like competing, especially for women, has gotten a lot of backlash recently. People are coming forward with health issues they’re dealing with as consequence and there’s increased awareness about the price you sometimes have to pay in this sport. - But let me point something out. Notice my use of the word SPORT. Competing in bodybuilding is a SPORT. Any sport when done at an elite level can have its repercussions. - Do NOT compete if you’re unhappy with your body. Do NOT become emotionally attached to how your body looks while prepping. Do NOT compete with the expectation that you will maintain that stage look when your show/season is over. Do NOT compete if your health (physical or mental) is, in any way, compromised. - DO compete if you’re looking to mentally and physically challenge yourself. DO compete if you view the time you spend in the gym like an artist would view his/her time sculpting or painting. DO compete if you are and HAVE BEEN in a great place mentally and physically for extended periods of time. - Plan your offseasons just like an athlete would in any other sport. Take YEARS off. Don’t diet unconditionally for months and months out of every year. STOP when your body is giving you severe warning signs that there’s something wrong. That’s a matter of self-respect. - Just my input on this topic. Do I fear compromised health as a result of dieting? Yes. But just as a marathoner can injure his/herself externally, a bodybuilder can injure his/herself from a hormonal standpoint. We just have to be as smart as we can about the protocols implemented to reach our goals. Knowledge is power
Training Shoulders Today 💪🔥 . Exercises used - . DB Shoulder Press ✅ . Machine Shoulder Press ✅ . Rear Delt Press ✅ . DB Lateral Raises ✅ . DB Front Raises ✅ . Barbell Shrugs ✅ . #keithrobertspt #linwood #energiefitnesspaisley #traps #shoulders #delts #workouts #musclegain #work #transformation #journey #goals #bodyfat #gains #instafitness #mensfitness #cardio #weights #pt #personaltraining #glasgowpt #paisleypt #fitspro #training #burn #press #bodygoals #progress #advice #clients #instafitness