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Quand tu viens de voler un paquet de chips aux crevettes🍤 📷 @ineffabledaze
🔆 Tipsy Tuesday 🔆 Tip #7 : Be consistent with everything that you do! Being consistent is really like the very thing that leads you to becoming successful at something. You ever wonder why you havn't reached your peak of somthing? Ask yourself, "have I really been consistent with it?" If your answer is no then being consistent is something you need to work on. This is a general topic & just about applies to everything. Here's 2 common examples.. ❣Want more IG followers/engagement? Be CONSISTENT with posting (always be active) ❣Want more traffic on your website? Be CONSISTENT with your Marketing & Ads Once you figure out what works...Do that! CONSISTENTLY! ❤❤❤💫
Style is very personal, it has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly, style is forever 🐉🌿 . A furia di comprarne di roba, montare manichini e vetrine e aiutare le persone fare pace con il loro armadio ho capito una cosa: non è tanto il vestito che si indossa, vale molto di più la donna che lo indossa. E potevo pure localizzarmi a Marrakech. Badabumchacha. . 📸 by @danieldelor . #travelersre #astoryofuniqueness #beautifulmatters #urbanjungleblog
This seems like a lifetime ago. We had no idea how carefree we were. We were on a 7 day cruise. My two favorite memories from this trip were swimming with the sea turtles & boogie boarding. . Our anniversary is coming up. We are getting ready for a weekend away just a few hrs from home. Things have changed so much in 13 yrs. What hasn't changed, I am still excited to spend time with this guy❤ #seaturtles #younglove #marriagevacation