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Stop Demotivating Yourself!🌻 . “If you want something bad enough, go out and get it!” That’s how the saying goes right?? But if it was that easy... We’d all have everything we’d ever wanted right? Even if it was something silly - and by something silly, I mean something you don’t REALLY need. You just had a sudden burst of inspiration to do something you thought looked “cool” but it probably wouldn’t have been a big enough burst of inspo to last the length of time taken to get there and achieve it in the long run. You see, it’s NOT as easy as going out and getting something if you don’t apply the work, endorse some sort of effort and have an absolute NEED to attain it!! . Let’s take it back to wanting something bad enough.... If you genuinely want something bad enough, and you have been working every single day for it, whether it be a physique goal, a relationship, a new career, general health, a brand new house and more materialistic things... If you want and need all of these things, one must first stop demotivating yourself! . I feel as though it’s people who motivate themselves who find success in obtaining their goal. They have the NEED for it. So if you’d asked them what’s their WHY behind it all, they’d look you in the eyes and tell you exactly why, no hesitations. They wake up each morning and ENCOURAGE themselves, they don’t tell themselves they’ll never get there, for they KNOW in the bottom of their heart that they WILL. They are STRONG in avoiding any sort of distractions on their pursuit to their goal. And ultimately... They have the self-born motivation needed in the very beginning to carry them right through until the end. For they see the light at the end of the tunnel. . If you feel you struggle to stick to something you’ve set out for yourself, try to stop demotivating yourself by following negative things on social media etc, make a vision board filled with inspiring things and find your WHY, so that whatever hurdle comes up against you, you will have the strength to fly high over it. If it is your true desire to honour your word, you will indefinitely succeed. So I encourage you to stop demotivating yourself and subside all distractions!💛
Natural freezedried rosepetals