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Shoutout to the B I R T H D A Y girl!!! 🥳 You see her in selfies. You see her behind the Browerville counter. You might even see her in Sauk Centre now & then. What you DON’T see is how much she does for SoJ behind the scenes! 👌🏼 We often find ourselves asking ... What did we do before Erin?! We love you for your » obsessive organization » love of systems » efficient ways » always having a plan » being one step ahead And we really really love that we don’t drive you too crazy with our lack of all the above 😂😘 . [[Too bad we didn’t have a before and after picture of our version of inventory & back room organization 🙈 Ya’ll would be praising her too!]] . We appreciate you BEYOND words girl! And we hope you have the happiest + most joy filled + fabulous birthday yet! . 🖤 Linds. Meg. Amy. 🖤 .
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Good ole Facebook today reminded me that about this time five years ago I did the @warriordash in Oregon. About twenty of us did it as a sort of pre-wedding jaunt. Having never done anything remotely close to running in basically my whole life, I signed up in January and used it as motivation to get fitter. Which I did. I got real confident in myself - perhaps a smidge overconfident. Felt pretty certain by September I’d breeze through a 5K, no probs. It was definitely NOT no probs. It. Was. Boiling. It was mostly uphill. It required a lot more upper body strength than I anticipated. I ran a very small portion. Jogged a fair bit. Definitely walked quite a lot at times. Well and truly brought up the rear of the group. We finished as a team because the guys at the front would wait at each obstacle for the slow-pokes to catch up. Multiple people helped dig my trainers out of the mud when my foot walked out of them. Three times. On the same challenge. It took literally nearly three hours to do two and a half miles. It was the best. Day. Ever. The end.
The Smooth Rib Skirt ☀️ Featuring a soft elasticated waist, four panels and finishing mid calf, this piece is a definite summer staple 🧡