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When on the pickled pedaler.... you get a little wild at the redlights! 😂
When your company sends you free stuff for taking care of your body from the inside out💁🏻‍♀️ To say Beachbody came into my life at the right time is a huge understatement. Still battling PPD and PPA from my first pregnancy. Feeling lost as to why we couldn’t conceive baby number two. Sad and frustrated in my own skin. Coaching isn’t about selling a product, it’s about showing up for yourself each and every day. It’s about bettering yourself and having a group of men and women supporting and encouraging you every step of the way.🙌🏻💫 Are you ready to start FEELING good? Kdiprojetto
It’s THURSDAY y el cuerpo me pide sudor. 💦 In need of a kick ass workout 20% is a must. 🏋🏽‍♀️ Did not work out for for 2 days and that was way to long for me. My boyfriend send me a message and it motivated me to get up and set my goals higher.. who’s working out today? 💪🏽🔥 . . #lifestyle #fitdee #goalgetta #beatmode #puertorican #salvadorian #mindset #workhard #fitnessgirl #gymlife #fitmomof2 #fitness #weighloss #workout #cardio #neversettle #fitnessmotivations #womenempowerwomen #lightlifter #workingonme #fuelbyherbalife #nutrition #deesjourney #vationmode #noexcuses
So I was challenged by my nutritionist last week to not only bake but eat a cookie. (I know there’s a lot of 🙄 going on right now - “oh poor you - you have to eat a cookie” For a long time when I baked cookies I planned on eating they would be with almond flour, coconut sugar and 72% dark chocolate. She challenged me to make and eat a typical @nestletollhouse recipe with white sugar 😱 white flour 😱 and butter 😱 I’m still working on getting out of this restrictive pattern. It’s hard for me trust my body that I won’t go overboard and eat ALL the cookies. I can’t wrap my head around what my therapist and nutritionist tell me - that the more I allow myself these foods the less I’ll want them. The bingeing comes from you constantly restricting. Once you body realizes you can have this whenever you want, it won’t be such a desperate need to have them all. I plan on having one when my daughter comes home from her last day of school and I’m hoping that the guilt won’t be too powerful 🤞 Again I’ll continue to tag my favorite ED Recovery pages if you need some support! #orthorexia #bingeeatingrecovery #bingeeating #eatingdisorderrecovery #edrecovery #eatthecookie #workingonme #allfoodsfit
Sometimes life just feels messy. A common trap we all fall into is thinking other people have it great when things aren’t going right for us. But the truth is that life is messy for everyone, some people just learn deal with it in different ways and accept that messy and beautiful can coexist. You choose how you respond to everything no matter how small or how large, the choices you make change your lives and probably lives around you. It’s okay to get messy, just choose to make it fun! I often don’t want the mess I like clean and neat house and kiddo, but sometimes you have to just let the mess happen and enjoy the memories that it’s making. She loves the sand and dirt and loves to make the house look like a tornado made its way through, and I’m learning to let her enjoy those moments. What’s a mess in your life that you’ve learned to embrace? **photo credit - @britneyluster ❤️ *** beautiful bonnet made by @alysalovelylittles
Woke up this morning feeling down and discouraged this was my morning inspiration! @king_o_pbm I thank you for being there for me and my kids and help building me up when I make mistakes an feeling defeated! #Bros4life #Workingonme #wontstoppushing
I’m such a sucker for lilies💖 I’ve been waiting for these gorgeous ones to open up, and this morning it was their time to shine. . Reminder: “When a flower doesn’t bloom you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower.” . 😘 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #teammorethanyouseek #teamfueledbeyondfitness #gettingfitagain #beunstoppable #michiganmom #mamasgirl #girlmom #flowerlover #michigangirl #upnorthlife #fitgirlinprogress #fitgirl #fitches #lilies #pinkflowers #veteranswife #fitnessjourney #donutsanddeadlifts #workingonmyfitness #workingonme #blooming #youcandogreatthings #positivemindset #happygirls #shortgirl #momsofig #momlifebelike #dogmomlife
Well this is the life 👙☀️
I don't always exercise. 🤷🏽‍♀️ I have busy days, fibro flare up days, and days I'd rather just take a nap in the extra 30 minutes I get on rare occasions. But one thing I always do is EAT. 🍴😋 . My relationship with food hasn't always been healthy. I went through YEARS of binging/purging, consuming untold amounts of processed junk, emotional eating, fad diets & pills, and essentially starving myself 😿. It was a long, hard road, but I've learned to love myself and with that to break up with bad eating habits. . I'm starting my next challenge group soon and it focuses on having a healthy MINDSET when it comes to your food. 🚫NO diet, 🚫NO deprivation, 🚫NO counting points or calories. . ALL satisfaction. 💃🏽 Take control of your health from the inside out. Exercise isn't even a requirement! 🙊 Like I said, sometimes a workout isn't in the cards at the moment. Don't let that hold you back from taking control of what you CAN do. . One spot is already taken, but there's still nine left in my group. 👇 Drop your favorite food emoji in the comments if you'd like more info. 💕