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Happy Monday, Sunshine ☀️ YOU are AMAZING!!
It was a late night, amazing concert 🎄🎶 but didn’t get home until 11pm, so I’m moving at a snails pace this morning. I am not sure my #energyjuice will do the trick 😂. . . I thought of skipping my workout but I know I’ll feel better physically and mentally if I do. So I’m up, drinking my go go juice, and psyching myself up for a workout. I’m thinking 22 minutes with @tonyshorton should do the trick 💕🏋🏻‍♀️😊. #earlymorningworkout #athomeworkout
~Exercise is a CELEBRATION of what your body can do, not a punishment for what you ate~. . I’ve been struggling on the weekends to eat well, especially this time of year when there is more ‘junk’ in the house than usual. While I am struggling with my nutrition at the moment, my mindset is a lot stronger than it used to be. I used to binge, feel guilty/shame, exercise and repeat! Now I’m just striving to do better, not beat myself up over a few bad days. . It does no good to talk down about yourself. Instead, let’s focus on what we can do better! You deserve to feel good in your skin, to celebrate your body’s physical ability, to exercise because it helps you feel good. . If you’re feeling guilty today about how you ate over the weekend, or just are ready to feel good in your own skin ~ stop the negative self-talk and let’s chat. I’d love to help you feel your best 💗
Why do some people seem to achieve EVERYTHING in their lives?🤔 . 😍They're in a great loving relationship. 🤗They do what they love. 🏩Live in a place, that makes their heart sing. . 🙆They're happy and joyful. . . ❓❔WHY?❓❔ . 👉👉👉Because they KNOW WHAT THEY WANT + TAKE ACTION! . Results do not come from finding excuses or by hoping that it'll get better. It usually won't. . 🔜What is your goal/wish for 2019? . And what single action are you taking TODAY towards it? Comment with a smiley or GIF below. . #2019goals #2019ismyyear #bringiton
Good Morning❤️🌍. I just finished my cardio. First time back on treadmill. I did 6 minute warm up, 2 minute fast walk, and 1 minute run for the 28minutes and then on 28minutes to 30 I sprinted. I am pushing my body because I know it can do more. It was not easy, but I pushed through it💪🔥 and I did back and chest today❤️. #workingonme. #excercise. #fastedcardio. #2.5monthspostpartum #csectionrecovery #momoffive. #entreprenuer
Legs, legs and legs finished off with light squats on a Monday to celebrate the first day of holidays. And just because it’s Monday, I did not see that I loaded up the bar wrong after this and wondered why one set was wonky 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 happy Monday, y’all. #nevermissamonday #nevermissaworkout #mondaymotivation #mondaymood #gymselfie #sweatyselfie #happyandhealthy #workingout #workingonme #workingonmyfitness #sweat #sweatisfatcrying #weightlossstruggle #weightwatchers #weightlossjourney #fitgirls #fitnessjourney #legday #gettingfit #instafit #fattofit #obesetobeast #girlswholift #gymshark #gymsharkwomen #trainhard #nodaysoff #exercise #fatloss