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Adapt, the new seamless, high waisted, comforting but strong creation from our design team at Merakilo. This set is available in 3 beautiful colours, tap this post to see which one suits you 💙
Friday total body burn out!! 🔥 . . Set your timer for 28 minutes and crush this workout ! 1. 12 RDL to uptight row 2. 12 Arnold press 3. 10 handed lateral walks (each side) with 10 sit ups 4. 10 chest press into 10 crunches 5. 15 kettle swings 6. 12 elevated push ups 7. 15 ball slams in a wall sit. . Give it a try and let me know how you liked it! If you want to join the free LIVE workout I host every Saturday with my team shoot me a message so I can get you added to our group! #teamhnsfitness #teamworkout #transphormation #emom
it’s always a peeeerfect day for a cheeeky DB LEG & BOOOTY workout‼️ Don’t forget to leave a like ❤️ and save for later giiirlsss!! . Now.. let’s hit it. Lemme know what you think YEY. Alsooo I’m madly in love with this tee!!!!! 1️⃣ Goblet squat into side to side lunges 3set x 10-12reps each 2️⃣ One leg reversed hyper extension into Reversed lunges 3set x 12-15reps each 3️⃣ Single leg hip thrusts into lying leg curls 3set x 12-15reps each 4️⃣ Double rep lunges into walking sumo 3set x 12-15reps each . 🎶Song: Trip - Ella Mai . . . Credit @hannaoeberg #fitness #fitfam #fitspo #motivation #workout #workoutvideo #legday #gym #gymwear #leggings #abs #diet #prep #bodybuilding #aesthetics #gains #gainz #nutrition #physique #girlswholift #tutorial @pishdadazar_pharmacy #pishdadazar_SkinCare ✅ داروخانه دکتر شعله پیشدادآذر نماینده رسمی محصولات لاروش پوزای (la Roche- Posay) ✅ محصولات (لاروش پوزای/ لغوژ پوزی ) اینک در داروخانه دکتر شعله پیشدادآذر عرضه میگردد 🙋‍♀️ ✍️ ( لاروش پوزای / لغوژ پوزی) برندی است که نیازهای پوستهای حساس را عمیقا میشناسد و محصولاتی مناسب این نیازها تولید کرده تا به زندگی روزانه این افراد کیفیت بیشتری ببخشد علاوه بر تمرکز بر تحمل پذیری بالا برای پوست های حساس محصولات لاروش پوزای / لغوژ پوزی بالاترین میزان اثر بخشی را دارند تا بتوانند در زندگی افراد با پوستهای حساس تغییر ایجاد کنند 🙋‍♀️ تلفن ٧٧٩٣٤١٤٨ و ٧٧٩٣٦٠٤٩ آدرس : هفت حوض نارمک ابتدایی جانبازان غربی خیابان کمیجانی جنوبی پ ۴۵ جنب شهرداریی منطقه هشت شهرداری #ضدآفتاب #پوست #مو #زیبایی #دکتر_مهنازفرید" #sadaf_beauty #كلينيك_زيبايي_دكتر_جهانگيري 👨🏻‍⚕️ #داروخانه_دكترشعله_پیشدادآذر is
Good morning and happy Friday 😁! WOD: 4.2 mile run + 3 rounds of the circuit. Circuit: 1. 40 Banded Glute Bridges (feet pointed out and heels touching) 2. Isometric Chin-Up + 20 Knee Raises 3. 70 Bicycle Crunches 4. 5 Push-Ups + 30 Mountain Climbers + 1 Tuck Jump (x2)
Swim, Bike, Run, Row - Ready set GO! Good Luck to all of our EDGE Athletes racing this weekend! 💚 Head of the Charles Regatta: Sarah C Baltimore Marathon: Lisa K New Orleans 70.3: Kelsea O Grand Rapids Marathon: Amy R, Rebecca S CCC: Zach, Trisha Des Moines Marathon: Sahar, Sarah
Bands on Bands in the sunshine 🌞 Anywhere glute exercises! . 1️⃣ Video- Hip Rotations 2️⃣ Video- Squatting Abductions 3️⃣ Video- Quadruped Lateral Lifts (fire hydrants) 4️⃣ Video- Feet Lifted Clamshells 5️⃣ Video- Double Banded Floor Bridges 6️⃣ Video- Forearm/Heel Abductions . 🔁 Repeat 3 to 5 times depending on the level of intensity you guys would like 👌 . AND many more banded exercises can be found in my Ultimate Guide to Greater Glutes ⭐️. HAPPY BOOTY 🍑 BUILDING LADIES! Click the link in my bio for up to 70% off on resistance bands ✅ . Vid by @brittanyperille . . . . For daily workout routines 🏋️‍♀️ Follow. 👉 @bootyworkoutzz 👈
@mari_unfiltered. 💪❤️🔑 #teamrome4fitness #repost Confession time🙊...ive been pretty exclusively been listening to Taylor swift mostly because I have a 6nager obsessed with anything Taylor swift, what can I say? I'm a sucker for those mommy please puppy eyes😂😞 but this mama needs new soundtracks for when I'm hitting my gym sessions 🎶🏋 ▪ WHAT are y'all listening to these days that fits that bill??? Comment below 👇 help a mama out🙏🏻 ▪ Ps on a side note I've been finishing leg days with myo reps hip thrusts [Type of rest-pause training] wowza what a burn on those glutes🍑🔥 .... choose a weight that you can properly do 20 reps but you will do ↪10 reps Take 4 deep breaths ➡Then 6 reps another 4 deep breaths ➡Then finish last 4 reps..I then take a 20-30 sec brake and repeat it once more for a total of 2 sets Benefits: myo reps ensure maximum fiber muscle activation and maintaining it over a sustained period of time by using short rest breaks and short sets = muscle hypertrophy . . . . #glutesgoals #glutesworkout #hipthrust #workoutvideo #gymmom #fitspiration #fitfam #fitlife #mariunfiltered #fitmomsofig #glutegains #30daysofsc #instafitness #igfitness #momswholift #fitnessmotivation #fitfam
Step 1 - Register on the Step 2 - Send a video to Morongoa on WhatsApp on 0736269266 of you doing the challenge at least 3 times per week Step 3 - #Selflove With the video, send a statement of affirmation with your name at the beginning. Write something you always wished someone could say to you e.g "Palesa I am proud of you"  #MentalStrength Step 4 - Drink at least 2L of water per day Check the link on my bio😁👐 #fitness #fitnessmotivation #fitnesschallenge #fitnessjourney #challenge #fitnesscoach #fit #fitspo #fitspiration #coach #health #endurance #strength #hiit weightloss #fitfam #cardio #fitnessaddict #fitnesslifestyle #fitnessgoals #beastmode #fillupmosesmabhida #mufasa #workoutvideo #weightlossjourney #bodygoals #bodytransformation #water #2L
Trying new things without weights and at home. This was yesterday‘s workout 🤸🏾‍♀️! . . You never want to get comfortable with your workouts. You always want to work on your form But don’t let me yourself to watch his feels good. There’s a point where a body begins to know what to expect and our progress become stagnant. . Just like with everything else in life, if it’s not bringing you joy or helping you grow, then it’s time to re-assess and redirect. If it’s pulling you back or taking you down a path you don’t want to go towards, it’s time to reflect and make adjustments. We get one life let’s try to make it ours! Have an awesome weekend guys, make it yours 💃🏽! . . . #Fitness #HomeWorkout #Workout #BodyweightWorkout #FitMom #FitLife #Fitspo #fitmun #workoutvideo #womenshealth #womenwellness #doyou #doingme #realtalk
Hey guys🤗, these are 4 of my favourite exercises to do on a smith machine, they are great for beginners as they are much more stable then using a squat rack, the first 2 exercises are squat variations, I looove a squat variation because it will target a different part of your booty🍑😏also make sure to squeeze your bum at the top of each rep (this makes a massive difference)💪🏽 1️⃣Sumo squat 2️⃣Chair squat 3️⃣Kneeling hip thrusts 4️⃣Deadlifts #legday cc: @sarahgracce
You can commit to being a better version of yourself now, or you can keep making excuses and watch other people get the results that you wish you had. Contact me when you’re ready to make a change.
Here are 5 different exercises using the core sliders. My goal with all my workouts is to touch as many muscle groups as I possibly can. ******************************************* The core gliders are my new tool of torture, and today I too it outside to work my arms, core and my legs. ******************************************* Step out of your comfort zone and switch it up a bit. ******************************************* What Exercises do you do with your. #elitecoresliders ? ******************************************* ******************************************* ******************************************* #Workoutvideo #getyourassupandmove #makeitalifestyle #fitness #atlantapersonaltrainer #fitatl #fitnessinspiration #fitnessmotivation #msfitness #workout #womensfitnessspecialist #cobbcountyfitness #cobbcountypersonaltrainer #love #happy #fun #instagrammers #likeforlike #followme #like4like #fslc #pushups
Woke up at a new low today, the lowest I’ve been since March 😭 The scale definitely isn’t the only way I track progress nor should it be for you because the scale can fluctuate a lot due to several things like hormonal changes, salt intake, the time you have your last meal, exercise, water, etc. However it is a good tool to use along with other things like how you feel, pictures, how your clothes fit & measurements. — I started a cut Sep 24th and have dropped 7 pounds since then (first week dropped 4 pounds, water weight) that is normal when initially starting a diet. — I haven’t increased cardio or decreased calories over the 4 weeks. Don’t fix what isn’t broken. There is a time to push harder & time when it isn’t necessary. • Slow & steady wins y’all 🐢 — I started this cut for a Video shoot @whitneymorrisfit & I have scheduled for the end of November (will spill the deets soon, I Promise😬) My plan is to continue cutting until that & then I will start to slowly increase my calories again ⚖️