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Hey there!! Are you lost in the woods? How can I help you 😂😂. I’ll be your tour guide today. To get to ABS ville you might wanna turn right. To get these gains you might wanna put in work 💪🏾💪🏾. Happy Thursday fit fam 🙏.
My training sessions aren't glamourous what-so-ever (hence why I tell @laurencarol1 to only film behind 😂👹) & thats what's flawed with fitness social media.. To transform yourself, make "gains", see results, & win shows or meets, you MUST get uncomfortable.. & let me tell you, it ain't pretty. Go ahead & half-ass every workout, but don't complain & make excuses to why you aren't where you want to be. Simple Message: WORK 👏🏼👏🏼 . Back Workout: 1️⃣. WG LPD: 4 x 10 reps 2️⃣. Seated Row: 4 x 12 reps 3️⃣. Bent Over DB SA Row: 3 x 10-12 reps each 4️⃣. Standing LPD: 3 x 12 reps 5️⃣. SA High Row: 3 x 10 reps each 5️⃣. SA Cable LPD: 3 x 10 reps each . 🎵: Love Me x Wide Awake @gymgirlvids @fitfemalesclub @_workoutvideos
I get self conscious about my height. Isn’t that odd? Height. Pure genetics. Can’t change it. Can’t grow another inch. Can’t shrink 5 or 6. So why be self conscious? Because I’m comparing myself. I’m comparing myself to others who have entirely different genetics. Crazy. I know. So now I ask myself, whenever I’m feeling “self conscious” about XYZ... Why are you comparing yourself to someone else? It’s ok to want to improve. It’s ok to look at others’ work ethic or mentality for motivation. But you’re not giving yourself a fair fight comparing yourself to someone else. Focus on you. Be you. #beconfident
"Human flag, one of the best core exercises"
Before I had surgery. One of my best qualities was finishing shots below the rim. - - To learn how to finish. You have to learn how to spin the ball, where to hit off of the glass, and you must gain your touch. PRACTICE makes perfect. May look like I’m goofing around. But I’m not. This takes skill, and it translates! - - - Is Kyrie the best PG in the league? If not, then who is? #LTP #LoveTheProcess
When you’re still hopeful that your Hogwarts letter is on its way but then remember you’re 24 and most likely a muggle after all. ⚡️
here is a totally unrelated pic so I can talk about something on my mind 🤷🏼‍♀️ while I think doing some self reflection frequently is important, I think most of us tend to reflect a bit at the beginning or end of something and when something bad happens in our lives or to someone around us. though bullying has always been a problem, it didn’t start with our generation or the one before ours, it is being talked about a lot more now with social media. so take some time to reflect now. have you ever been bullied? have you ever bullied anyone? have you ever made someone feel lesser than for something they can’t help? have you ever commented on someone’s facial features, the way they talk, their body? how would you feel if someone said those same things to you? how in 2017 are we still bullying one another? isn’t it time to reflect on the negative things you say about others and see if maybe there is something missing in your own life? does it make you feel better talking badly about someone else? we all can catch ourselves time and again thinking or speaking negatively about someone for something they can’t change. don’t like her nose? there’s a good chance she looks at herself every single morning and tries to accept herself and her nose. your mean comments don’t help her at all. THINK about what you say. REFLECT on things you’ve said in the past about people. we are all going through something and we are all just trying to get by and love ourselves in the process. work to be kinder and more accepting of others. that’s all ❤️ #thursdaythoughts
Ayee a new song 😁 a few clips from back day yesterday! Just killed my quads and calves 💀 double tap if you want to see video!
Here's a few moves from our Double's workout today!! 😜 . We don't have our "Buddy Ball" yet, So Emma The Unicorn had to do 🤣 . I have decided I'm DEFINITELY going to do a mommy and me group while also incorporating a little side group focusing just on the mommies........BUT, it is going to have to wait until AFTER my 80 Day Obsession: Prelaunch Test Group👈🏼 If you don't know what this is, make sure to check out my event - link in bio🔥 . Basically it's: . 👊🏼 Access to an EXCLUSIVE Test Group for A Little Obsessed - A fitness and nutrition program designed to help prepare you for the more challenging program, 80 Day Obsession, being release in January. . 💪🏼 Learn the moves and nutrition plan to flatten, lift, firm and eat in a way that MAXIMIZES your RESULTS! . 🍑 For anyone looking to TRANSFORM their body, with particular focus given to abs & dat booty 😍 . 🏋🏻‍♀️ Uniquely designed workouts AND a calculated macro -nutrition plan!!! . 👉🏼 All Test Group participants will also, automatically have a spot reserved so their is NO WAIT LIST for my January release group (at NO EXTRA cost). . 💵 ALL Preorders will receive an ADDITIONAL $10 off when you purchase during the pre launch promo! . If you would like any more info on this program OR my upcoming Mommy and Me group, don't be shy & send me a message! . . . . . .
Haven’t posted in a while or even been on here much bc these last few weeks of school got me like 😅😅😅 - I’ve still been at the gym and recording my workouts just took a little break from SM. Here’s a back workout from the other night: 1️⃣ barbell rows 2️⃣ seated cable rows 3️⃣ underhand grip lat pull downs 4️⃣ wide grip lat pull downs - Save this workout and tag a workout buddy 🙌🏻💪🏻