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I did it! I mastered the hill, all while pushing roughly 40 lbs!(a 32 lb. toddler and the heavy stroller). My new friend saw on my post the other day that it was my goal to do this and reached out to help me reach it. Thank you @hgodfrey16! I didnt get the Tuesday work out done but this was worth it! I was so sore from yesterdays work out that I let myself sleep in. Plus I knew I was going walking tonight. Obviously I'm still bouncing around with my work outs, but it has been fun trying new things and testing my limits. #workoutwithbaby #shesatoddler #weightloss #motivation #goaldigger #strollerwalk #lovewhereyoulive
Lazy + fit(ish) = 🙋🏽‍♀️. It happens. I was about to start my workout when I realized my yoga mat was in the car. The car 30ft from where I was 🙈. Instead of getting it, I got a towel. Walking those extra feet was just too much 🤷🏽‍♀️😋. So yes, my new mat is a towel 🤗. _____________________________________________ Note for next time- get the yoga mat. The floor is hard!
Forward and Backward bending with the toddlers while rowing our boats. Using rhymes to workout with the little ones. Have a healthy start to this beautiful day. Its time for some exercise! #parenttoddlerprogram #momandme #rowrowrowyourboat #yogawithmom #workoutwithbaby #workoutwithtoddler #healthytoddler #motherchildbond #cubbytales #morningwishes #healthystarttotheday #preschool #daycare #childcare #daycareprovider #childcareprovider #creche #infantcare #toddlercare #bengaluru #bangalore #jpnagar #hebbal #koramangala
💪🏼Transformation Tuesday 🍏 . Meet Rosemary! This mother of five took back her body and lost 64 pounds home fitness programs💪🏼, focused superfood nutrition🍏and the accountability of a fun challenge group! 💕 . She says: “After having five kids, my body had taken a huge toll. I was no longer active, always tired, and my confidence was so low. I used to love shopping for clothes but had grown to hate it because nothing I tried on would fit anymore. I was inspired to get my body back after seeing my other people’s success with these groups.”😍 . Her results after 15 months have been amazing! She says “ I can feel myself getting stronger every day.” ❤️ . She say, “My favorite part is that I get to stay home! I do not have to go out anymore and fight for a machine at the gym, or feel embarrassed because I didn’t know how to use the machines. 😫 I also love that I get a personal trainer 💪🏼 every day showing me what to do and how to do my workouts.” . Do you want to get back on track and make some healthy changes? I’m looking for 10 ladies 👯‍♂️wanting to lose 10-20lb (over the next 60 days)! . Come join our Back to You 💪🏼🍏 Group with so many amazing high vibe individuals. Plus recipes ideas, motivation etc! We can find what works best for you!❤️ . 🌟Want the details? 🌟 Post a YES or ❤️ below!!!! Or just send me a DM!
My husband told me the other day that he noticed how consistent I have been.... I am so happy he said that, 1. Because everyone loves some positive affirmations and 2. It made me think about what was allowing me to BE CONSISTENT? • Simple: working out makes me feel good. It gives me a pick me up at 4:45pm after our friend leaves for the day. I used to have to force myself to come downstairs and press play, but now it’s my routine! And it feels so dang good. It literally energized me for dinner, bath and bedtime. TRY IT!!!! Side note, check out Evie in the second picture 😂 #girlmom #athomeworkout #teambeachbody #postpartumbody #iworkoutathome #workoutroutine #workoutwithbaby #leadbyexample #postpartumfitness #bodyafterbaby #2under2 #wildchild
《YOU ARE WORTH IT》 . It's been a wild couple of days. I left for church at 9am on Sunday and didnt get back home until 11pm last night. I didnt workout yesterday or drink my nutrient shake. I ate candy, fried chicken, and cereal. . Some would say I stumbled. But I made better choices than I would have a month ago. It's about a lifestyle, being mindful of what you are doing to your body. . So today I'm back at it. I got my workout in and am getting ready to make my shake. I can tell when I dont stay on track like I want to but I'm still on the journey! Normally I would throw the towel in and say what's the point of keeping on? I didnt do it perfectly so what's the purpose? . It's the mindset! It is worth it and it is making a difference! What keeps you going and working toward your goals?
Little man is teething and doesn’t want to be put down, so I had to workout with him to keep him happy. But that was fine since I kinked my neck yesterday and had to take it easy today anyway. His sad face is so sad but cute at the same time. #workoutwithbaby #workout #weightlifting #weightlossjourney #journeytoahealthierme #exercise #health #fitness #fitmom #momswholift #momswithmuscle #powerlifting #bodybuilding #liftingweights #liftingheavy #workoutwithkids #loveyourself #pushyourself #doitforyou #doitforthem #motivation #noexcuses #strongisbeautiful #homegym #garagegym #teethingbaby
Anyone else have this on the regular?!😂😂 - The beauty about it is we’re being the example. No your kids aren’t annoying when you exercise around them, they just haven’t yet adapted or they want to have fun too. - I encourage training around your kids, babies so they see you do it and to show yourself it’s not an excuse not to do it with them. That you can literally work out anywhere under many conditions. Don’t make your kids an excuse, they are most people’s purpose🙌🏼 - On demand videos can literally be done anywhere too! Doors close Friday - link in bio (try your FREE booty workout if you haven’t yet!) 👆🏾👆🏾👆🏾 - #mumlife #mumworkout #freeworkout #coreworkout #workoutwithbaby
What has an adorable baby and has been approved for light exercise?? THIS GIRL!! 👐🏼💕 Starting with some core work with my favorite 8-pound weight. 💪🏼👶🏼
Little look at my yesterday's workout 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻. Today's one is still to come. Been pretty occupied with little one today and not had time yet 🙄. But still hoping for later 💪🏻💕
One of the best things about Sweaty Mama is strengthening the bond between mum & baby 💕 Throughout the class we take the time to focus on our little ones, letting them provide the perfect motivation to push through our workout.💪 Get lost in your little ones smile, and when you see how much they're enjoying it you'll forget how hard you're working!💪😉 Join us at our weekly classes across Cambridgeshire - we are building strong bodies and even stronger bonds!💪💕 #sweatymama #sweatymamacambridge #mumandbabyexercise #postnatalfitness #babybonding #strongmama #inspiringwomen #workoutwithbaby #workoutwithyourchild #womensupportingwomen
Pretty sure the steam is because the pan was too hot 😳🙈but it made the veggies look good 😋🥒🍆🥦🌶. My meal prepping has not been on point lately, well really it shouldn’t be called meal prepping it’s been that bad 😖. Today it changes. I prepped. I ate well. I feel good. _____________________________________________ There are days, or weeks in my case, that we aren’t on point. That’s okay. It matters what you do about it. What choice you make when you realize it. I made the choice to not prep great the past two weeks. I made the choice to eat out probably more than I should. I made the choice to be okay with that too. I also made the choice to change it today. _____________________________________________ I feel better when I eat what I cook. I know this. This isn’t about losing weight. This is about feeling good.
My little girl working out with her old man. I gave her a set of 3 lb dumbbells and she likes to play with them while I lift. She is killing these farmer carries! + Seeing her mimicking me, my words and actions, has made me so much more aware of the influence I am having and how important it is to teach her by example. + When you think about it, 6 lbs is 25% of her body weight. Not bad baby girl! + #workoutwithbaby #workoutwithyourkids #teachthemyoung #teachyourchildrenwell #babybodybuilder #warriorprincess #mylittlegirl
At Sweaty Mama we are all about making you feel good Mamas 💕 A workout with your baby is a double-whammy feel-good fest 💪🏻😅 Endorphins from exercise + oxytocin & dopamine from those close carrier cuddles = One Happy Mama ☺️ And we all know... HAPPY MUM = HAPPY BABY 💜 Join us at our weekly classes in Clitheroe and Whalley - we’re building strong bodies & even stronger bonds 👶🏼👱🏽‍♀️👩🏻👶🏻 #sweatymama #mumandbabyexercise #postnatalexercise #babybonding #dontquitgetfit #workoutwithbaby #goals #fitmom #fun #mondaymotivation #heatherbeaurae #heather #💜
#neverskipamonday Today Olivia decided that she wasn’t going to take a morning nap and she was in a cranky mood! 🤨 My first thought...I tried to get my workout in several times but I guess it’s just not going to happen. Second thought...that’s a very lame excuse! 🙈 I decided that if she wasn’t going to sleep, I could tire her up with a good workout! I got both of us into our workout clothes, brought the workout indoors, put some tunes on and I completed an amazing 25 min. routine with her by my side. 👏🙌 #mondaymotivation #workoutwithbaby #noexcuses #mamaandbabygirl #girlmama #momandbabyworkout #athomeworkouts