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Hush little darling. Don’t be a cry baby. Suck it up. You’ll ruin that beautiful face. You’re stronger than that. And so, she became a woman who never bared her tears. When life tugged at her heart And the ache puddled in her eyes She heaved courage from her belly Clenched down on her jaw Pressed fingers tightly to her lips Swallowed the rock in her throat And inhaled her pain. Closed doors kept her sobs safe. But when the angels cry down from heaven Pouring their tears onto mama earth Do we tell them to stop? Or do we welcome the sky’s weeping To nourish the beauty of our lands. Perhaps she too, Was always Most beautiful When she cried. When she allows the flooding Of her soul’s emotions to surge And pour out of her deepest cuts, She is a beacon. Healing not only her own pains, but those of her world. When she lets violent howls, Break through the cages That confine her vulnerability, She is pure light. Washing away destructive toxins from her being and body. When she wails in agony Huffing out all That she can no longer carry, She is real. Stripping away every mask that no longer fits her truth. When she screams out Ear-piercing cries that are so raw They slice our own hearts open, She is divinity. Beckoning compassion and love to rise up in us all. When she sobs so hard She can barely catch her breath And her eyes puff with blood shots, She is strong. Disarming her wounds by bravely displaying them to the world. And so, I say this: Little darling, it’s okay to cry. You are a beacon. Baby, your tears will cleanse you. You are pure light. Sweet girl, your cries heal us all. You are a divinity. Gorgeous, your sobs reveal your true beauty. You are real. Woman, your tears empower you. You are strong. Cry beautiful, cry. Just as the rains quench every garden, Your tears nurture every soul. Especially your own. #cry #vulnerability #writing #writersofinstagram #wordswithqueens
Confession I Snehil
Blue skies 💙 I’ve been thinking about when I was a teenager and pretty unhappy, which always helped me in my work as an educator. And how much I’d like to work with young people again. In some way, on my own terms-definitely not as a mainstream teacher. I have a few ideas forming for the year to come on this dreamy sunny (freezing) day 💙
I love the feel that I've accomplished something using what I have. Really brings the purpose of you out. 🙂
Well played, universe.
It was all about who was smart enough to find it.