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In Sha Allah you like this😊 & i do write on request about you want just let me know on my sarahah #writing is not a hobby it's my emotions
"Stir Crazy" by: Tea N.M. Mulling in the grey of mind A stitch or two Of time refined Patchwork pourings of penning ponderings / i don't seem to feel the thread of needled wind / a decorative despair A regret of thoughtless twine i was no homemaker to begin with 5:30 striking / chicken burning / satin & wine window seat/ bird porch tree / up and down the world turns back / ends and begins sunset wane / midnight wax he did not come back I don't leave the light on Still it seems to flicker back Still I seem to leave the door unlatched dawn /he won't come back #MxTeaVlogs #MxTea #MxTeaVlogsSometimes #poem #poets #poetry #writing #mywriting #mypoetry #purpose #love #relationships #routine #commitment #ephinany #depression #lgbtqiap #lgbtq #queer #intersex #nonbinary #agender
With #Keeper’s release only a few days away, I’ve been thinking a lot about how the book will be received. There’s a lot of anxiousness and nerves wrapped up in it, but there’s also a peace in knowing it’s totally out of my control. I’ve come to realize that as writers, we shouldn’t be trying to write for everyone. The reality is that there WILL be people who don’t like your book, hate it even. So don’t write for everyone. Write for the one that stays up all night just to read your words. Write for the one who gets so emotionally invested in your characters, they become real to them. Write for the one who feels like you changed their world with your story. Write for the one. And if you do that, there’s no such thing as failure. I sincerely hope that next week my one picks up a copy of Keeper, and I hope it means as much to them as it does to me. 💚 . . . . #writerlife #writersofinstagram #authorlife #keeper #kimchance #girlboss #writersofinsta #writersofig #writergram #wordsmith #writergirl #authorgram #iwriteya #yaauthor #writer #writing #writingcommunity #scripturient #dreamsdontworkunlessyoudo #yalit #wordboss #bookish #advicetome #writetip #writingadvice
THE POET (CANTO I of V) - THE FIELDS OF MORTEM - …The Beginning Moonlight enters the old crooked attic, Papers tossed around the floor, crumbled mess. Pages upon pages of erased text, Ink smeared across the tear stained pages. A dusty old desk sits at the window. A man with a tall victorian top hat, Sits at the desk writing his thoughts, His pen quick with the pace of a madman. Paintings of sadness, sorrow and evil. Ghastly figures, a priest in a gothic cathedral. Paint is cracking, old and frayed, The Poet pays no mind to their decay. A music box plays a haunting tune, As the porcelain dancer turns and spins. Around she goes, And around she goes. The music haunts the trembling Poet, He ceases his deep writing. The wind buckles and rushes in, The Poet is transfixed. He stands in a lifeless field, The familiar silhouettes of the distant trees loom tall in the distance. A sorrowful sight, A sorrowful sight indeed. There was a little shack, The trees hung weeping over the tracks. Eerie fog through spilt through the cracks, The fog was cold and black. The blackened Demon appears like Jesus through the fog, The face of a gored horned goat. Seeping through his mouth the odorous smog. The cold air surrounds the Poet like a ghost. Poet!  Says an angelic faint voice, The Poet turns and sees, a little girl between the trees. She stands in the middle of the field, Her face yet to be revealed. The Poet nears her hair blanketed face, He brushes her black hair around. The sickening image is revealed A face burnt, bloodied and scared. She looks up at the Poet, her eyes empty and black. She weeps and weeps, She weeps and weeps. The Poet wakes in the crooked attic, Papers tossed around the floor, crumbled mess. Pages upon pages of erased text, Ink smeared across the tear stained pages. … The Fields of Mortem
happy #nationalhandwritingday from me and my tiny loopy nonsense :) sometimes I joke that my whole life is paper and then I look back and realize it’s actually true (samples from my journal and sermon notes)