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HOW CAN WE MAKE YOU HAPPY? 💕WHAT IS YOUR DREAM SCHEDULE? 💕💕 As September grows near its time to think of the fall schedule! 💕 What do you love and want more of? Anything you aren’t loving? Is there a class / time that we can add to make getting into the studio easier? Chair classes? Body? Stretch? 💕 we are here to make getting strong and feeling amazing AS EASY & FUN AS POSSIBLE would LOVE your feedback!! 💕 #pilates #barre #yoga #bosu #core #strength #community love
Thank you Chloe for this beautifully articulate reminder that yoga is for everyone. Sending yogi love to you and hope to see you later 🧘‍♀️xx #Repost @yoga_chloewitts with @get_repost ・・・ It's a shame to keep seeing social media misrepresenting what yoga really is. It's no wonder people are too nervous or put off about starting a yoga class. Im not comfortable following profiles that continuously misrepresent. This is just a reminder that you don't have to already be flexible to come to yoga. You don't have to be young, skinny, and blonde either, and you don't have to do naked yoga either! 😂😂Gaining mobility can be a by-product of a longer term practice but it's not a prerequisite. It's your practice-you may choose to focus on something else like stability, or anxiety for example. Please don't be discouraged by what you see. Yoga is for everybody. ❤️🙏👍 If you do happen to have hyper-mobility though, you can still work safely with yoga and with your teacher-meet with them before you start. #whatyogaisnot #yoga #socialmediatips #keepyourclotheson #loveyourself #lookafteryourbody #yogaingloucestershire #yogainspiration #yogateacher #yogaingloucestershire
Here’s most of my somersault attempts from Thursday evening gymnastics - the only repeated ones here are the slow motion ones but there are a few here that look like the same shot so I must’ve been repeating the same mistakes 🙄 well at least towards the end I was landing them without going on my ass so I’m really chuffed with this. I was so scared to do this the other night without a trampete but thanks to @kaoticmovement I eventually got the confidence to do it 🤗 I kept edging back too far before I took off as you can see at the start where Mac saves me from falling over the edge - so I thought the music was a good fit 😆 Thanks @karlie__r for videoing all this 😁😘 • • • #handstandeverydamnday #handstandeveryday #fitnessover50 #practicemakesprogress #cartwheel #handstand #lsit #elbowstand #headstand #yoga #calisthenics #inversion #balance #strength #gymnastics #gym #backflip #somersault @jules_godfrey
✨✨D O W N W A R D F A C I N G D O G✨✨ The pose we always come back to, especially in Vinyasa Flow Yoga, and it is one of yoga's most recognisable yoga poses that offers the ultimate all over, rejuvenating stretch. There are lots of misconceptions or general confusion on how it should look, however, the emphasis should actually be on debunking the idea of 'should'. Each person's downward facing dog is going to be unique because it activates and stretches so many different parts of the body. . Should my heels reach the floor? Not necessarily, some people's hamstrings are tighter than others and the length of your achilles heel can be a contributing factor. Should my knees be bent? Not necessarily, I tend to practise with gently bent knees as my knee joints lock out and this can cause irreversible stretching of my ligaments. For some people straightening the legs might be too much on their hamstrings. Should my chest be reaching towards the floor? Well actually no, this isn't a back bend and you are actually encouraging stability in the spine and shoulders. . Notice that there are a lot of "not necessarily" in that above paragraph. The message is that your expression of a pose might be different to your neighbours on the mat and the most important thing is to listen to your body. I always say, if in doubt, hang back, take it slow and bend your knees and elbows. ✨✨✨✨✨ . 📷Photo by @judylewisjones. . . . . #downwardfacingdog #downwarddog #stretchitout #letsstartyoga #yogafam #feeltheyogahigh #myyogajourney #igyogacommunity #vinyasaflow #VinyasaYoga #Vinyasa #bristol247 #Bristol #yogabristol #BristolYoga #yogisofig #yogspiration #yogajunkie #yogastrong #yogagirls #yogaforeveryone #yogafamily #yogaeverydamnday #yoga #YogaBlog #practiceandalliscoming #yogaallthetime #yogaholic #yogateacher #yogajourney
#yogAssisiFestival2018 12/14 ottobre #Assisi ☀️ LE LOCATION☀️ Le masterclass di #yoga, i laboratori per bambini, il bazar e lo spazio trattamenti saranno all’interno del Palazzo #MonteFrumentario. Nato come ospedale del comune di Assisi, uno dei primissimi in Italia, il Palazzo del Monte Frumentario fu costruito nel 1267 all’esterno della prima cerchia romana, sul lato a valle della strada che tuttora conduce alla basilica di #sanFrancesco. L’ingresso alla struttura, che si sviluppa su tre piani e si affaccia su via Fontebella, vicolo degli Esposti e via san Francesco, è introdotto da un portico di sette arcate a sesto ribassato, sorrette da piccole colonne munite di capitelli bizantini scolpiti da lapicidi veneziani. La facciata d’ingresso è decorata da affreschi dipinti da un seguace #umbro di #Giotto (ca.1300), oltrepassata la quale si accede a un grande salone decorato da affreschi neogotici e illuminato da un finestrone aperto sulla valle. Il titolo di Monte Frumentario risale al 1746, quando il vescovo Ottavio Ringhieri vi trasferì la sede del Monte Frumentario Barberini, pia istituzione fondata nel 1634 dal cardinale Antonio Barberini. Contrariamente a quanto accadeva presso i Monti di Pietà, presso il Monte Frumentario si effettuava il prestito del grano e di altri prodotti della terra. Dopo varie destinazioni d’uso, riguardanti sempre e comunque attività riconducibili a proposte culturali e di intrattenimento, dal 2010, a seguito di un’importantissima opera di restauro, il palazzo è utilizzato quale sede espositiva tra le più suggestive in #Umbria. ————— Non vediamo l’ora di vederlo allestito e pieno di persone 😍 Vi aspettiamo! ———— #perugia #umbriatourism #umbriacuoreverde #umbriadascoprire #iliveumbria #umbriacenter #visitumbria #borghitalia #italy_vacation #loves_united_italy #beautifuldestinations #bestvacations #livetravelchannel #umbria_love #umbriatiamo #umbria_italia #assisiitaly #stfrancisofassisi #saintfrancisofassisi #assisi
I taught him well 🤣🍑
ON THE STAGE WITH the BIG @julio_dieguez_papi 📷🔥✔️ #Repost @julio_dieguez_papi ・・・ Forward Extension vs Forward Bend. Forward Extension is a very interesting way to call this particular Asana category. While many practitioners refer to it with the name “forward bend” in fact the spine axial extension should be always a priority. During the extension forward we should check whether we are really extending or if we are bending forward at the waist or upper back. We need to keep the front of the spine lengthening and that the movement to go forward comes from the pelvis rotating over legs.  The idea is to feel the bottom glut skin being extended towards the sacrum and from there towards the lumbar zone. When the intention behind is a restorative practice, we can stay in the forward extensions two minutes or even longer. Be quiet and find the calm. Namaste. #daanasana #daanasanaschoolofyoga #hathayoga #yoga #forwardextension #forwardbend #wellness #fitness #fitnesspresenter #lovemyjob @anya.glushkova @davidecapucci