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3連休は相模湖でキャンプ 初日はテントで2日目はログハウス 何でも揃ってて電車で行けるキャンプ これは楽しい!温泉も入れたし 2日目一瞬帰京して後輩の結婚式参加し また夜には合流→宴会無事間に合った! 待望のマッスルモンスターにも チャレンジ出来て楽しい休日でした! #プレジャーフォレスト #マッスルモンスター #パディントンベアキャンプグラウンド #キャンプ #camp #camper #holiday #yolo
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Sunday Funday! Lol— I’ve lost track of time here on hols in the US. Normally I take a rest day Sunday but hey, I’m just bursting with joy for so many reasons & working out at altitude is just one I wanted to experience more. And besides.. hard exercise every day invigorates me no matter where I am! This is in Vail, Colorado, a gorgeous mountain village. Altitude 8,022 ft! (2,430m) . This morning was a fasted session with treadmill, dumbbell & bodyweight exercises & stretching. . I found it harder than at home to workout esp the treadmill. The altitude makes a big diff. Olympic athletes train at around 6,000 ft to increase their endurance. The higher you go the oxygen is less available. I was puffed out easily. My heartbeat was at 175 bpm on my Fitbit after a short run so was probably higher during. This is the fastest I’ve noticed it & the most heavily pounding heart I’ve felt. Was a little scary as it seemed to become heavier even after I’d slow down. I felt out of my comfort zone but still it seemed I wasn’t doing much. Calorie count was lower than I expected. I must find out more about this phenomenon. Anyone know? 🤔 . My 1st run of 2 mins, was tough. I’m not a natural runner anyway. As much as I wanted to keep running my body was telling me to stop or else... I can see why there are warnings everywhere about altitude sickness. Australia’s highest mtn- Mt Kosciusko- is 7,310 ft. I’ve never been to the summit but have been close in my old x-country skiing days .. 😄 So this is the highest I’ve exercised! . I consider all this pretty darn cool even though a little disappointed with my workout compared to my normal. 😊👍 . •25 mins treadm total •walk 4.2-4.5 miles p/hr. Metric 6.7-7.2 kph. Incline 2.5% •2m run 5.6 mph (9kph). •1.5m run 5.8 mph (9.3kph) •3 min walk incline 5, 5.8mph. . Those few sets of dumbbell & bodywt exercises after also got the heart pounding! . I blissed our after that by stretching poolside in the fresh morning air... 🙌🌅⛰ . #sundayfunday #altitude #treadmillworkout #hardworkout #puffed #vailcolorado #mountainholiday #oldandfit #yolo #nevertooold #fitover50 #fitness #fitspo #selfievideo #healthandfitness #tryingsomethingnew