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A Christmas gift (card) that says it all 🎄
Cute little backpack for an on the go lifestyle.
We’re crowdfunding with @atbboostr and we need your help! • Our goal is to raise $8000 by December 20th (9 days away). We are about 50% of the way there and need all the support we can get. • It's a reward based platform, so you will get an awesome gift of your choice for however much you choose to contribute. But if nothing strikes you, even a share would go a long way!! • As you know our business model is built on giving back so if we reach $8000, all of the charities and non-profits we work closely with will be benefiting from this campaign as well! • Please check the link in my Bio!
Ever seen the paddles and the canoe on TransCanada Highway? These paddles are an art project by staff members of Harmony Developments, showcasing the healthy and active lifestyle in Harmony.⠀ ⠀ #LiveinHarmonyAB
#ModelStudent was a little unsure of Santa this past weekend during our Winter Wonderland Christmas Party for the dogs. But with a few cookies and some reassurance, she was able to see that he isn’t so scary after all. She is well on her way to becoming the ideal urbanK9. Way to go, Lola! 🐶🎅🏻❤️ . . #ModelStudentMonday #schnauzersofinstagram #schnauzer #dogmadogs #dogmatraining #dogtraining #dogtrainingyyc #urbanK9 #dogsofinsta #dogsofinstagram #dogsofyyc #yycdogs #calgarydogs #yyc #calgarydogtraining #puppiesofinstagram #dogtrainingshouldbefun #dogsarefamily #rewarddontpunish #yycdogs #calgarydogs #yycnow #calgarydogtraining #dogdayschool #positivedogtraining #christmas #christmaspawty #santaclaus #nicelist #cute
I know there is a little over two weeks left of 2017 but I have had such a wonderful year. This picture seems so nostalgic and reminds me of the choice I made a year ago. I’m SO glad I dedicated this year to finding myself and giving back to people who mean most to me. I’ve learnt so much in the last 12 months that has changed me for the better. I can only pray 2018 carries on to help me, in anyway I need. I pray this for myself and every other soul on this planet. May the new year and every year be a blessing. 💕💕