What an honor to help work on The Secret Garden art installation @cmainnyc with my dear friend @ianberry.art! I am awestruck by your art and talent. And to see this come together on two continents, with an ocean between, multiple cities, many sleepless nights, emails chats, blistered fingers, a whole lotta laughs, a few songs sung, a night at the museum, and a few tears...thank you from the bottom of my heart @ianberry.art for asking Me to tend your magical denim garden! This is truly the highlight of my career 💙👖 # #secretgarden #denim @nycfactoryinc @tonellosrl @godmothernycinc @cone @bpdwashhouse 💙👖 #art #denimart #urbangardener #gardens #indigo #godmotherNYC #myeyesview #thingsIlove #arr #textileart #artinstallation #flowers #gardensofinstagram #flowers #plants #fromplantstopantstoplants #denimofinstagram #childrensmuseumofartnyc 📷 @lucindagrange
Ten years ago I took this photo of Owen on the very place where Martin Luther King made His " I have a Dream " speech. I told Him of His speech and taught Owen to love eveyone as equals and to dream big in life. I can recall living in Rockaway Queens when He was shot...it was my birthday and back then there were segregated blocks. It was a scary time....You could not go on a segregated block..but My best friend was Sharon Brown..she was black and I brought her home from school to my house. Everyone looked as we walked home hand in hand from PS 42 to my house on Beach 69th St. because I never saw skin color....I only saw the person. I have a dream that one day this country will get back on track towards equality for all people, Sadly we have awoken the sleeping dog that has always been here, but now His dirty white underbelly is exposed. We need to teach our children well so that history does not repeat itself. #MLK
IN DEATH THERE IS BEAUTY WAITING FOR SPRING 💖 HYDRANGEA IN THE SNOW #hydrangea #flowers #flowersofinstagram #purdy #thingsIlove #myeyesview #snow #morningstroll #washingtonsquarepark Throughout history the hydrangea has been especially significant in Japan, where many believe the flower originated. According to a Japanese legend, the hydrangea became associated with heartfelt emotion, gratitude for understanding, and apology after a Japanese emperor gave them to the family of the girl he loved to make up for neglecting her in favor of business and show how much he cared about her. Pink hydrangeas are especially associated with genuine emotion because their shape resembles a beating heart.
The Secret Garden by artist @ianberry.art is magical. Every flower, vine, plant, and even the bunny were created with such detail, that one would think it is an actual living garden. But what make it so special is the fact that it was made from the last rolls of denim to be produced in the USA by @conedenim from the White Oak plant. To know that this fabric is the last of its kind makes it part of denim history. The use of waterless laser technology by @tonellosrl is another important aspect of the garden. The concept from plants to pants to plants is such and important message to children and adults alike. It has been an honor and privilage to help be part of this art instalation. And lastly The Secret Garden reminds Me of my childhood, my happiest memories, and wandering in my grandfathers garden in Brooklyn and my own secret garden in the East Village in NYC! #secretgardener #secretgarden #ianberry #conedenim #whiteoak #tonello #godmotherNYC @GodmotherNYCinc What's your favourite part of the secret garden at the @cmainnyc If you are in #newyork let them know. Thanks for the film @seanriller and @tonypillow Music | That's the One By @theheavyempty