The single most amazing underwater experience of my life. After almost seven years knocking on this door, crossing my fingers to spot wild orcas in Baja, I had one quick encounter in January, and now this. I feel overwhelmed and incredibly lucky for witnessing this one-in-a-million predatory behavior from the front row.
As the managing partner of Solmar V who is running the business end of the company, I problably get to be on the boat maybe only once or twice a year. This was my one trip of the year to Socorro, that we had to cancel due to hurricanes Aletta and Bud, which came early on the season. We changed the boat's itinerary to the Sea of Cortez and decided to do an exploratory trip instead of the typical diving trip. I managed to last minute arrange a Cessna as a spotter plane and tow our Pelagic Safari boat, The Mobula, just before leaving Cabo after I got a report of Orca sightings in Las Cruces, north of Cerralvo. We set anchor in Los Frailes at night, and the next morning we went out to look for the orcas. An hour in, we found them, and it was the most amazing underwater experience I've had in my life. Over an hour of a mix of curiosity towards us and predation as they were hunting a pelagic stingray. Life is good.
An all time favorite of a silky shark in Baja from 2014... the day that @lalopelagic screamed "somos un equipo" at the top of his lungs.
Manta Hug. Revillagigedo, 2018.
Makos are so fast that it is not an easy task to capture a portrait of them in an "aesthetic" pose. I think for me, after 6 years of encountering these guys in the open ocean, this is it. #fishsaycheese