Is it chill that you're in my head?
Have you ever took a second to think about how valuable your time is? To me my time is one of my most valuable assets. As I get older I realize how short life really is and how fast times go by. Pay attention to how you spend your time and who you spend it with!⌚️ Time is the most valuable currency that we have #bestofutah #utahgram #utahphotographer #igutah #jeremyjensenphotography #premiumposts #utahmodel #malemodel #utahisrad #instautah #gpresets #caliboy #menshair #slc #saltlake #mensfashion
BE KIND (READ) I use social media quite a bit, I use it for my job, to stay in touch with friends, make new connections and as a business tool. There's so much good that comes from social media, I've met so many amazing people through using it. There's also a really nasty side to social media. We judge each other based off of the “front” that people choose to show. Often there’s a completely other side to a person that we aren’t seeing from their posts and stories. I’m always amused when I have an interaction with someone that i’ve never met and they make assumptions about the type of person I am. They follow me on IG so they must know everything about me right? In reality they know nothing about me. There’s so much unnecessary negativity and judgement on social media. It’s toxic and we saw from the past presidential election what it can do to people. Choose to be kind, remember you’re only seeing what a person wants you to see on social media. Support others rather than tear them down. BE.A.NICE.HUMAN #choosekindness #bekind
Life's too short to settle. Don't wait until it's to late to make changes, act now and follow your dreams. 💯💯 . Thanks for all the Love on my birthday 😘
Happy Birthday to my numba one bish. Chanel #1