Birthday weekend shenanigans with the lovies! Lucky girl! Special thanks to @Eastman.scott 😘 for making this my best yet! ❀️
Ran the Biz Johnson Trail half marathon today and here's our lil double date domination pic! Megan took first overall, scott was 2nd, I was 3rd and Jason took 5th!! Small field but well earned hardware on this absolutely beautiful course with 800' of climbing. 1:50:02 was my time (8:22 pace). Shoutout to @eastman.scott who wasn't a runner when we met 8 months ago and 5 races later takes first male overall! Effin love you!! #yourehot #trailrunning #bizjohnsontrail #weiners #dorks #pmo for the win! Now all I need is a #Yankee win tonight #nyy Megan reppin @hecsstealthscreen when she so stealthily took the lead over Scott in the second half 😜 guess your patented technology works on runners too!!
Before and after a nice ride on the emigrant trail. Something new I picked up - the guy and the bike! Keepers!! 😍 on a side note, biking must be great for the booty- feeling those hills!!! #dorks #truckee #gimme #loml #hotstuff
Really cool butterfly garden at Six Flags in Vallejo! There were moths in there too. We learned about some of the differences between the two. #butterflies
Cheers to summertime and memories. Here's Brian and some cousins on the beach back east a few weeks ago. It was a great time and I hope all the kids will have lasting memories of our family reunion. #family pc: @russhartungphotography