Shan Vincent de Paul

Shan Vincent de Paul
went down a rabbit hole of vintage South Asian photography recently - found these incredible gems #inspo
everytime I get into full blown creative / writing mode ..i become way more introverted than I already am ..trying to find a balance ...and stay focused while still making time for those close to me
shot 2 videos while I was out in Sri Lanka . one for “The Sacred” and another for “Walk on Water” ..just u wait ...... 💰🤘🏾💰🤘🏾
by @dorianlegret - stumbled on his work a while back - some striking and effective minimal works in his collection. go check his page 👆🏾
been studying Izumi Miyazaki”s work lately . phenomenal surreal masterpieces . 👀🖤 #IzumiMiyazaki
Coleman Hell - Manic By far one of the hardest videos I've ever had to shoot - also my favorite sideways video we've released to date. Hearing Coleman spill his guts on the track was already a difficult, but seeing him break down , while also tearing up myself - all the while trying to hold the camera steady and not fuck up the shot...what a moment.... I could feel God in the room. So proud of my brother for writing this song. His evolution over this past year has been an inspiration for the whole crew. Please go check the full video- link in his profile : @colemanhell #sideways #bellletstalk
◼️ all black errything 🔳 J A F F N A
took a road trip with the fam to the Nainativu Nagapooshani Amman Temple today . floored by its beauty , inspired by its history , humbled by its power 🙏🏾🕌🌕