Wherever there are mountains, you will find my heart ❤️
I love her and I’m going to miss her so much. If you missed it, we did a live stream on my YouTube, we talked about instagrams new terms and the recording is up now. 1 hour of podcast style chat with me and @rincityofficial ❤️❤️❤️ Side note: we were pretty drunk so if either of us said anything dumb, just roll on past it 😂
Yo, why is my sister @rosemoontv looking like a snack on Instagram? Girl, put them thighs away!!! Just kidding, GET IT BABY BOO! BREAK SOME HEARTS!! . I miss this little butthead right now. Can’t wait to see her when I’m home. I’m bringing you an Oreo chocolate bar bitch! I just had one and they’re nummy
Today is my last day in Vegas, I head home tomorrow. It’s been an ok trip, honestly nothing exciting. Shooting with Sito has been my highlight. . I’ve been going through so much emotionally that I thought I needed this trip, but I’m honestly only feeling worse. Just found out I missed my friends funeral today, I wish I knew earlier, I would have went home early. I don’t know if I’m gunna vlog today, I might take the day for myself. I can’t wait to get home to my cats, I need my little fur balls right now 😿😿
7:30 AM - Somebody warn Vegas!! You not ready for Vera Bambi bitch! - NEW HAIR, go watch my new vlog to see the big reveal and a look at my photo shoot: http://YOUTUBE.COM/VERABAMBILIVE - also lots more pics of this AND a sexy video with that good butt up on Patreon. Link in bio 😘
Hey boy! You see that toilet there? I’m about to destroy it 😘
Grab Ass / bout to post more selfies on patreon. Make sure you’re a patron 😘 PATREON.COM/VERABAMBI
In our element ❤️ HEY @sideshowsito LETS KILL IT THIS WEEK! Let the adventure begin! - Stay tuned on my YouTube I’ll be posting a video from today before I fall asleep tonight 😘 YOUTUBE.COM/VERABAMBI
A few really difficult crippling things have happened to me recently. I don’t want to get to into it because it involves other people’s privacy, I just want to express my thoughts. . I won’t be getting into it past the following: a wonderful friend of mine passed away Saturday, my bank account was drained by the government over the Holidays, my sister disowned my family and took my new baby niece with her and I’m transitioning from one career to a new one (which is amazing but difficult) . In the tornado of all of this, I’ve been holding up strong. My sister @rosemoontv took the day away from school and work to spend an entire night with me letting me cry and reminding me to laugh. One of my best friends @yojabarit messaged me to remind me I have emotional support if I need it, @Gaunted has been on my ass helping me stay organized and on top of things during a time when it’s so easy to fall apart, both he and @sideshowsito are helping me make content, and you guys have been ridiculously supportive of my new career choice! You’re even just as excited about it as me and that is everything! I’m looking at 370 patrons on my patreon right now... that’s 370 people who value what I put on the internet enough to put their hard earned money forward and help me achieve my goals EVEN THOUGH they get free content on my social media. . Things have been tough but I have so much to be grateful for and it’s pushing me through right now. THANK YOU
Please lower your expectations of me. I will always do my best and I work insane hours, but I can’t do everything everyone wants.
Titty Potter still makes me laugh 😂 I love this so much! 😂
Milky . Photo shot by @rosemoontv Edit done personally Milk by almonds and water. Bravo 👏🏻 they make a great team.
So much good good with @Gaunted recently 💕
Selfie from a set I dropped in November on Patreon. Once a month is over, the content from that month is no longer available. Make sure you join before each month is over to get the content! For January we are celebrating the New Year and my 1 year Patreon anniversary. 🎈 🎉 . Lingerie from @honeybirdette