. . . So, our 1st local hot pot restaurant is being built right now! Can’t wait for the place to open! 😭✨ . . . Also, these hotpot photos are taken from one of our trips up to the Bay area! Thank you, friends 🙏 You’re all so good to us!!!! 💖💖💖 . . . #hotpot #foodie #beefhotpot
. . . My contacts would rotate the colors every couple times when I blinked lol 🌸 . . . Anyway, here’s a Lenalee (D. Gray-man: Hallow) selfie from yesterday’s shoot! We were very fortunate to have been contacted by an acquaintance of ours, who was familiar with us (pre-hiatus time)! He wanted to do a shoot, and we hope to work with him again in the future! . . . Also love these Bella Coscon Purple contacts from @ohmykitty4u 💕 You can use our 10% off code: YOKOAOI #2aofmg&3 Be sure to check out our cosplay IG ( @yoko_x_aoi_cosplay) for more if you’re interested! . . . #cosplaygirlsofinstagram #cosplayselfie #animegirlcosplay #coser
. . . I love these types of cute stickers: bunny ears, cat ears, flowers, & so on forth 🌸 . . . I’ve also been thinking recently of other colors I want to dye my hair into ✨ Been feeling a bit down & stressed just when we were getting into midterms but now that it’s just blending into finals soon, I am lucky to have a loving fiancé, cute cats, and other loving people in my life (& K-Pop... Oh no!!!) to remind me that I am almost done & that I can do thisss ✨ . . . #asianselfie #selca #pink #sakura #cuteselfie
. . . ☆ Another Tadokoro selfie ☆ . . . I’m really excited for this upcoming weekend! Going to be part of a wonderful collab! Also, after this week ends, the suffering of 2 speech presentations on the SAME day will end...and thus, I’ll be able to focus more on my other speech project 😣 . . . Hope you’re all doing well! . . . #tadokoromegumi #foodwarscosplay #cosplayselfie
. . . I’ve recently taken up some volunteering with international students! It’s been super fun, spending time with them and they even asked when we’d come back 😭 Hoping that I can keep doing this next semester (Spring), along with another volunteering activity that is closely related to my intended field of work. . . . #asianselfie #sweaterweather #selca #red #pink
. . . Last year, I didn’t think I would eat more Korean food or actually have friends I can eat Korean food with 🙏✨ I always love trying new food!!! 🍜 Especially with friends!!! . . . #koreanfood #kfood #bulgogi #asianfood
. . . Had lots of fun at Great America’s Halloween Haunt event with friends last night! 🎃It was my first time at Great America too! We also went to 4 scares (the actors always went after me 😭) and the guys played a few game rounds! . . . Thank you so much, friends 🙏 . . . #greatamerica #greatamericahalloweenhaunt #greatamericahaunt
. . . 🐾 Cute selfie with an ultra cute friend of mine 🐾 . . . I feel really lucky to be friends with her ( @Hana.bunny_bunny ) She’s a really hardworking & kind person, with wisdom to share. I don’t see her too often, but I’m happy to know that she thinks of us even when we are miles apart 🗺 . . . #girlselfie #friendselfie #asiangirls #selcagram
. . . I would never forget that summer afternoon when I found my cat, Kurama (Kuu). . . . It was July 2nd, 2016. The night before, I thought I saw a black cat sitting outside of our glass door, looking in from outside & watching Anton’s cat, Lala. Which is why it startled me to see her there again the next day still, but not fading back into the darkness. I saw that she wasn’t all black. She was a really skinny Tortoise Shell cat and laying on the cement. I started yelling because I saw something so small and still beneath her—a tiny orange kitten who couldn’t open his eyes. I thought he wasn’t breathing because he was so still. . . . But Anton went to confirm for me that he was alive. I asked if there were others, I looked to see, but...it was only him and his mother, whom we named “Luna” because she appeared at night. Anton shook his head. The others...may have not made it because of the heat & there wasn’t enough food, including various unfortunate factors. Luna was so skinny & seemed malnourished. . . . Before I knew it, I wasn’t sure if we should adopt Kurama (Kuu). But when the rainy months finally came, he was only 3 months old and Luna was always away. He ended up crying to come inside and because I brought him in to dry his messy, wet orange fur & we started easing his loneliness, we ended up adopting him 🐈 He’s smaller than the other male cats—and we realize how lucky Kurama (Kuu) was, being the possible runt of his litter and living through the hot summer days before Luna brought him to us. . . . Today, Luna & Kuu are fluffy and eating good 🌸 . . . #catowner #storytime #orangetabby #catphoto