. . . You may have thought you left behind a tragedy or a curse, but you didn’t. You left me your torch, and it was so sudden. But now I understand why you used your fire the way you did in the days when you were still breathing. . . . Was thinking about a loved one today. Sometimes, I wish she’s still here. . . . #selca #selfie #asian #asiangirl
. . . So, Curry Ramen was 2 or 3 (?) weeks ago (The passage of time is blurry for me because of so much class reading or working out)... Other than that, I’m either eating mostly vegetables or a chicken taco during campus hours—or staring at the fridge, at home—trying to resist the 500+ calories of delicious but sodium/salt-heavy microwaveable yakisoba (So good ✨) in the cupboards lololol . . . I eat junk food still (as to celebrate with friends out of town or in small amount) 😢 but eating too much bread, salt, & dairy causes me to break out //throw hands up in the air// Anyone else trying to maintain eating healthy? . . . #health #ramen #curry #japanesecurry #foodporn
. . . “Sorry, but only the Boss can give me orders.” 🐕 . . . Who else is working hard on their dreams? ☆ . . . I hope to have a main day career (related to my BA) & be a PT cosplay commissioner, one day. Currently working towards BA-related volunteer hours for my post-grad resume (fun, fun lol). But also, squeezing in time here & there to study for the 2 big exams... It’s gonna be a busy 2018-2019 year ✨ . . . Makeup: @hana.bunny_bunny . . . #asianselfie #selca #animalears #コス
. . . “Let’s take a selfie, Mr. Fox!”💖 . . . It was fun, being a Shiba Inu pupper~ 🐕 . . . I think we surprised people when we showed up at the con??? 😮 It’s not what we usually do, but it was really fun to just relax & talk to some of you there! ✨ . . . Also, we’ll be working on an amazing project soon (and then, another one) and hopefully, we’ll be debuting it for a winter event & wear them too for the spring/summer cons!!! ☆ My Makeup: @hana.bunny_bunny . . . #cosplayselfie #selca #coupleselfie #gijinka
. . . It’s always good to be around other positive female friends. I’m so grateful to take a chance in meeting & getting to know you even though we all came from different walks of life. You were an amazing person even before I finally met you in person, but after our 1st meeting, you were more than just amazing—you’re a genuine person and that is extremely rare. One of the few most honest people I know and who really understands me. Thank you for your kindness & everything else. . . . #pool #poolside #summer #summernight #blue #night #friendship
. . . When did it all start? . . . I couldn’t find your smile in anyone else’s but you. Which didn’t make sense. After all, everyone smiles...but yours was the only one I looked forward to the most. . . . I couldn’t find it anywhere else, and the thought of never seeing it again...scared me. That’s how I knew. . . . #flowers #summer #yellowflowers #blueskies #sky #daytime #nature
. . . Decided to share my beauty haul from our stay with friends last weekend ☆ I’ve become much more invested in skin care this semester so far (...and makeup) ✨✨ Going to try the Apple sleep tea tonight so I can rest up for homework day tomorrow. . . . #beautyhaul #japanesebeautyproducts #skincare #makeup #facemask
. . . Is this an anime host club dating game? ☆ . . . I can’t wait to return to this boba shop 💖 #anime #outofcosplay #travel
. . . It was a unique experience, being a Shiba Inu pupper for the cute Furry gang at CRX (Crunchyroll Expo) 🦊🐺🐕 . . . I normally do not show off a lot of skin, because I am still overcoming previous experiences of being shamed (for my body, my race, & for being a female). Tbh, I worked really hard to feel good about myself—worked hard to get back in shape—and now, I have people who make me feel pretty & are proud of me. Because of their positive support & encouragements, I have learned to love myself & have begun to even understand why some horrible people felt the need to put me down (due to their body insecurities & inability to deal with their demons). I am not 100% happy with myself still—but I have never felt this good about myself before in my life (which is pretty sad lol). I have recently made new friends who made me see that even though I think they are really beautiful & more attractive than me 😭✨—they work hard to make me see that I too have something that makes me unique & attractive, and it makes me happy! My fiancé always makes me feel pretty, but it’s a different boost when you have positive female friends who make you feel that way too! 🙏💖💖 . . . Want to see our formal BNHA cosplays? 👠👔 >>> @yoko_x_aoi_cosplay | Makeup: @hana.bunny_bunny . . #animalears #selca #selfie #asian #asiangirl #cosplayergirl #positivity
. . . Maybe I should be a cat-girl for Sunday (CRX) instead? We ended up dropping/cancelling one cosplay because we want to focus on having fun at our first Crunchyroll Expo. So, only formal Momo (BNHA) is 💯 happening for tomorrow, Day 1. . . . Other than that, I am slowly re-considering on also applying to post-grad programs away from where we currently live. A good location change sounds nice. . . . #catgirl #anime #animeconvention