#Repost @girlswhoclick with @get_repost ・・・ Texas Ladies! Spend a day with photographer, naturalist and teacher, Kathy Adams Clark photographing migrating hummingbirds on September 22, 2018. Email Region2 @GirlsWhoClick.org for application materials. Hurry - it will fill up fast!
Eight-month-old koala joey on mother's back, Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary, Queensland, Australia. This image appears in my new book, Baby Animals Moving, published by Owlkids. This is the second title in my new series for readers age 3-6. A collection of some of my cutest babies from around the world, the book is available in bookstores, on Amazon and signed copies are available on my website at www.babyanimalprints.com. #kidsbook #childrensbook #babyanimals #cuteanimals #cutenessoverload #koala #babykoala #australianwildlife
It's may be hard to believe, but bear cubs can now be killed in their dens in Alaska's national preserves, thanks to the Trump administration. Critical wildlife protections have been eliminated on these national preserves by allowing hunting methods like baiting bears, shooting cubs and sows with cubs, and shooting bears and cubs and wolves and pups in dens - on 25 million acres of land where these activities aren't supposed to occur. For more info follow @defendersofwildlife #wildlifephotography #wildlifeconservation #conservation #bearcub #brownbear #alaska #katmai
Elk bull with velvet antlers sleeping in meadow, Yellowstone National Park, Montana. Each spring, male deer and bull elk begin growing antlers from bony bumps on their heads. It takes an elk four or five months to completely grow a set of antlers. Spring antlers are covered with a thin skin called velvet. This velvet is covered with fine, short hairs and contains thousands of blood vessels, which carry calcium and minerals needed for building strong bones. Once the velvet is gone, grooves and ridges on the antlers mark the paths of veins that carried blood throughout the antlers. #elk #yellowstonenationalpark #yellowstone #wildlifephotography #wildlifeperfection #animalsofinstagram #velvet
Two-month-old lion cubs, Sabi Sands, South Africa. A century ago 200,000 lions roamed the Earth. Today just over 20,000 remain. If Africa’s parks and reserves were resourced and managed effectively and the communities around them supported, we could have three to four times the number of lions as we have today. Lion recovery is within our grasp. Please consider donating to @lionrecovery . LRF seeks, assesses, and invests in the best ideas for lion recovery from institutions large or small, with 100% of every dollar donated deployed directly on the ground. More at https://www.fund.org/ #lion #lioncub #babylion #bigcat #bigcatsofinstagram #cats_of_world #sabisands #babyanimals #wildlifeaddicts #wildlifeconservation
Puppy sitting this sweet little girl 💓