Here's my end of week 1 results. This is why the scale sucks. This is why the scale gets you depressed and you think you haven't made progress. I wasn't going to weigh but I wanted to see the difference from the scale and my measurements. I felt smaller this morning and I did get a little down when I saw the number in the scale. BUT then I did my measurements and I can't believe the results I've gotten. This week I restarted the @katyhearnfit 2017 winter challenge. I didn't count macros and pretty much ate what I wanted just proportioned. I won't be doing measurements ever week but was curious this week. Get rid of your scale or have someone hid it. It's useless and it doesn't tell you anything.✌🏻
Saturday night well spent with this fellar 😍🏋🏻
Looking like a good Saturday ✌🏻
One of my fave post workout selfies.😂got to workout with this babe tonight and she's always putting up with my selfies😝
What r u doing on your Friday night?💪🏻
Any guesses as to where I am and what I'm doing on my rest day?
I'm quitting.. . No not my health journey but quitting the scale. Once I start I get obsessed and go back to my old ways of constantly weighing, sights set on a specific number, and miserable. I took measurements this past Sunday morning and calculated my body fat percentage. Those are the numbers I want to work on. I love lifting and with that the number on the scale just doesn't move...a lot. I'm trying to be healthy. BUT...I'm struggling. I want to get on the scale just about everyday and I want to restrict myself from food everyday. Still pushing forward and fighting the urges, hopefully this gets easier
Mid-day workout done
Day 3 and still pushing😝
That's a wrap. Currently refueling and back at studying #happymonday
Just a routine mid sauna selfie💦
Say number ✌🏻I started the @katyhearnfit 2017 Winter Fit challenge again and my glutes and thighs are on fire! Here's not never giving up and pushing to reach my goals💁🏻
Workout sesh complete🙌🏻 can't believe I made it and can't believe I pushed myself as hard as I did. Pretty sure walking is going to be difficult the next couple of days😍💁🏻
Been awhile but guess where I finally made it😊
I have been MIA due to the high stresses of school the past of weeks. I'm finally starting to relax a little after taking 3 exams back to back. Balancing school during exam time and gym time is still something I'm learning. Not sure if I'll ever figure that section of time out. I am good about working out and eating healthy when exams are out of the way but not so hot when it is exam time. Any students out there got any advice because the struggle is insane!
4 am came way too fast but thankful that my first PEDS test is almost over and I can get back to a normal routine😴 @starbucks has become my home the past couple weeks preparing for these exams ☕️
You know it's a serious school sesh when your at Starbucks and this is your view😴 been a crazy week with school, had our first OB exam and now studying for our first PEDS exam for Monday. Haven't worked out this week, still trying to figure this routine out😫
Little target shooting today. Got a way to go but not too shabby for not shooting🙅🏻
Finally did a cardio day only. Killed me a little bit. Styling the 90's jacket around the waist tonight. This use to be my favorite way to wear my jackets🤷🏻‍♀️
Guess where I made it tonight. Little break from studying and time to test out my new Bluetooth headphones🎶😊