What are you doing the last Sunday in October? Join me for a beach clean up along with @juliettelauer and @athleta on October 28th ✨✨✨ ::Long caption:: Growing up a Florida kid, I was always outdoors, camping, boating, hiking, caving, and exploring the beauty both around and within. We are a part of this eco system and cannot separate ourselves from it anymore than we could live without it. As an owner of an environmental company, I very often deal with large scale initiatives to make our environment a safer and better place, however it doesn’t take a big company initiative to make a difference, all it takes is one person. You. This whole idea started when we sat down with the community coordinator at @athleta and talked about how we might represent them as brand ambassadors. Athleta is a certified B Corp, with a BIG commitment to the environment and fair trade. We sat down for coffee and talked not just about how to promote their brand, but how to help their brand MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We are so pleased to bring you all the ideas we have in store with this partnership (yes, we’ve got discounts), but first and foremost, we are honored they’ve partnered with us to make an impact in our community, and we hope you’ll join us! One thing Juliette and I share in our friendship is a commitment to rise above, to shoot for a higher standard, to be the example we need in our own lives. From little things, like recycling and remembering to bring our own water bottle when we go places, to using our time wisely by participating in the things that matter, like this. Please join us, we’d love to spend the day with you on Sunday, Oct 28th. More posts will follow with (some FUN) details, but definitely comment if you’re thinking of coming so we can keep you in the loop. #floridagirl #beachcleanup #thingsthatmatter #dogoodbegood #bcorp #environmentalist #oceanconservationist #floridalifestyle #ilovethebeach #ilovetheburg #stpetebeach #saintpetebeach #perfectbikini #redbikini #baywatch #tampabaywatch #floridafall
Sooo many reasons I love my lash extensions from @champagne_and_lidocaine , number one being that it’s the best option for my sensitive eyes (mascara and strip lashes are irritants). I love the “wake up in makeup” get-up-and-go effortless polish it gives my daily look... And she is literally THE BEST, (I’ve been to a lot of providers in years past) she only uses tried and true high quality products, and has a ton of knowledge. Swipe right for two short clips about last extensions vs. strip lashes... but be prepared for some DIRT #ad #honestad #lashextensions #stpetelashes #stpetespa #lashes #lashesextension #beautytips #lashtips #wakeupinmakeup #beautyhacks #beautysecret
:: Personal post :: Me and @juliettelauer are opening up and sharing some genuine habits we’ve developed to empower each other to be the best we can be. Consciously focusing on these things makes a difference when it comes to creating positive relationships that build you up, not wear you down. 1. Talk about growth, not gossip. It can be all too easy to sit down with a close friend and just want to complain about your man, gossip, or recall a frustrating story from work. Instead, we make a conscious effort to ignore those negative topics and put our energy into sharing books, blogs, and podcasts we’ve heard, talk about goals, big and small, and encourage each other. Is there occasional venting? Of course, but always with an effort to have more positive talk than negative in a session. 2. Alcohol is the exception, not the rule. We love to meet for an occasional happy hour. But most of the time, we get together over something that builds up our self esteem and feels genuinely good, like going for a run, stretching or yoga, or a planning session for a project we’re working on (there are always tons). 3. Share! Clothes, snacks, suggestions, Instagram captions, picture ideas, cocktails, swimsuits... you get the idea. Once you realize that you can share the spotlight and not compete for it, the world opens up double to you. Both our outfits and gear is @fabletics thank you 💕 #collaboratedontcompete #empoweringwomen #girlfriends #friendshiptips #howtomakefriends #womenhelpingwomen #friendshipgoals #howtobepositive #positivityiskey #glasshalffull #personalgrowth #positiveenergy #gymbuddy #workoutbuddy #partnerfitness #fitgirls #fitfriends #accountabilitypartner
After 2 weeks at home, I’m back on the road. That little break in the action was EXACTLY what I needed to recharge my batteries. How do you recharge? At home? In nature? At the gym? Take a trip? Retail therapy? Tell me below 👇 Wearing @express & @dsw #businesstravellife #iwokeuplikethis #businesstravel #balanceinallthings #downtime #visithouston #casualstyle #businesscasual #businesswomen #businesswoman #entrepreneurlife #bossbabetribe #digitalnomad #wearetravelgirls #travelstyle #allblackeverything #casualstyle #houstonskyline #downtownhouston #houstonviews #recharge #rechargeyoursoul #recharged #houstonsunrise #houstonsunset