“Every once in a while, take off your life and rest” #nayyirahwaheed I love this quote - to me, rest is just as key as the work you do when it comes to finding healthy balance, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Give yourself the rest you need. Take the time you need. Of course, you have to put in the work, but don’t be afraid to give yourself a break. Next day curls by @liyanicolehair @midoriorganicsalon wearing @fabletics #my #athleisure #movementculture #fitgirl #activewear #activewearfashion #activewearaddict #longhairstyles #longhair #nextdaycurls #athleasurewear #sundayhair #nextdayhair #sundayvibes #restday
My face when I have chocolate 🍫 It’s the weekend before thanksgiving, and I’ve officially started making allllll my healthy(er) treats! Do you guys want my recipes for: pumpkin spice hot chocolate, keto candy, edible cookie dough, pumpkin-pecan pie, healthy green bean casserole, cauliflower “mashed potatoes”, zero sugar cranberry preserves, butternut squash soup, overnight (pumpkin spice) protein oats, cornbread muffins (for snacking or making stuffing)... or is there a classic recipe you love but wanna make healthier? Leave a comment or dm and I’ll help ya! #healthycooking #healthythanksgiving #thanksgivinghacks #healthyrecipes #greenbeancasserole #thanksgivingfood #healthyholidaytreats #healthytreats #steviarecipes #lowcarblifestyle #lowcarbrecipes #healthierhabits #lowcarbthanksgiving
🌲HEALTHY HOLIDAYS🌲 I’m sharing some tips that me and @juliettelauer use to stay motivated and fit through cooler weather and holiday festivities. • 1 • Buddy system! Recruit a friend you RESPECT to be your backup. Communicate! You want to keep the positive vibes flowing, invite them on a run, share about your healthy meal choices, tag them in posts that keep you on track (hey, tag your buddy in this one). We focus more on positive than negative, so instead of texting something like “I want french fries so baddddd” we mostly ignore the bad, and text about the good “my green smoothie was so good this morning.” • 2 • Treat yo self! To all the GOOD stuff. Telling yourself yes to good things is way easier than just saying no all the time. Learn to make the good stuff what you crave, by choosing healthy seasonal ingredients for holiday meals, like my butternut squash soup, sweet potato and honey crisp apple frittata, or my protein snickerdoodle cookie dough. If you missed the recipes on my story, leave a comment here or dm me for them. Another way to treat yourself - new workout clothes that you feel great in (these are @soulgani.activewear use “frenchfry15 for 15% off). • 3 • And final thing I focus on is getting outside when the weather cools down. In Florida we live for these cooler months when it’s soooo nice out, but if you’re in a cooler climate, try to find ways to get outside for a few minutes a few times a week, bundle up and take your dog for a walk, or your workout buddy, fresh air is a natural mood booster and helps you *want* to be good. Dm me if you want more on any of these tips! #dogoodbegood #healthyholidays #healthyholidaytips #outdoorculture #fitnessroutine #movementculture #fitfriends #fitfam #healthytips #eatinghealthy #healthyholidayrecipes #proteincookiedough #fitnessbuddy
Squeezing in workouts around the holidays can be tough. That’s why @juliettelauer and I are back at it, creating some winter partner workouts. Which type of workout do you prefer? High intensity strength workouts? Total body cardio workouts? Or endurance training? Leave us a comment so we know your favorite style and stay tuned for some fresh fitness routines coming up this month. @fabletics @fableticseu #myfabletics #partnerfitness #fitgirls #acroyoga #acroyogafun #fitnessroutine #fitfriends #fitfam #holidayworkouts #fallvibes #outdoorculture #movementculture #fitlife #fitnesslife