Brian and I were talking about how we wanted soup...but I didn’t think we had enough stuff in the fridge! Once I thought about what we did have, I threw together the most delicious fall soup ever!! Shay went crazy!! She had two little bowls! This kid is the best ever. I never measure but here’s what was in it: Red Kabocha squash Carrots Kale Celery Onion Garlic Lentils Turmeric Ginger Italian seasoning Veggie broth Happy Cooking!! #fallsoup #healthybabies
Have you ever looked at another Mom who seems like she has it all together?! Guess what!? She doesn’t. 🙆🏻‍♀️ Social media can be a crazy thing. I can tell you this...we’re all losing our shit && feel like we’re “failing” at certain things in life. Maybe it’s laundry, maybe it’s work, maybe it’s relationships or motherhood! Nobody is perfect. The people who look perfect either have help, have great photo taking skills etc...but I can tell you...they are most likely feeling like they are struggling somewhere. You. Are. Amazing. && you’re doing SUCH a good job. #1 priority? YOU. Then you can pour into others. Xo Photo cred: @shinesphotography #motherhood #youredoingawesome
I’ve gotta share this as a post as I had a ton of people ask in my IG stories... I scored this piece for $100!! I have another too I bought for $100 && it’s amazing (check my stories to see that one!) How?! Model homes are being sold so they are selling all furniture/decor in them! This was listed at $450 (which I feel like would still be a steal!!) this piece is heavy duty && built so well!! I threw out $100 towards the end of the sale && they AGREED. I actually thought I robbed a bank 😂😂 like it’s insane. Check your area for new communities that are nearly finished && ask about model home sales!! #modelhomes #modelhomeshopping
I get asked a lot what I give Shay for food! Here’s an example of her breakfast... Scrambled Eggs 🍳 Homemade coconut yogurt with kale, spinach, apple, chia seeds && raspberries! 🥥 🌱🍎 Simple. Healthy. Quick. Xo #babyfood #foodforbabies #babynutrition
“I don't know why all the trees change in the fall 🍁🍂 But I know you're not scared of anything at all Don't know if Snow White's house is near or far away But I know I had the best day with you today...” Shay and I always dance to this song in the kitchen && I sing it to her all the time.... (T-Swift, The Best Day) My heart actually wants to explode. This girl is everything. 😭💕 #MyBestFriend #ShesMadBecauseShePeedOnHerCuteFallOutfit 😜🍁🍂 #mommasanddaughters
Fall calls for soup! && this one did NOT disappoint! Sorry...I don’t measure 🤷🏻‍♀️ Toss in an instant pot: Kabocha squash Sweet potato Zucchini Carrots White potato Onion Garlic ^^^ pressure cook! Add cooked quinoa into a pot with coconut milk & veggie broth. When veggies are done, add them in, smash using whatever you want! I didn’t purée because I like chunks! Next up...shake Italian seasoning mix, nutritional yeast, salt & pepper to taste! BOOM. Delicious! 👌🏼 #falldinner #fallsoup #produceinseason
Just having fun over here at #rennsportreunion in Monterey!! Shay is diggin’ these ride on toys and I think she might be getting one for Christmas because she can’t quite touch the ground yet! 😂 This girl is seriously the best roadie ever. We are so lucky! Unfortunately, the car Brian’s Dad was driving broke so today was it for racing for our crew! 🤷🏻‍♀️ #shithappens #monterey #renorennsport #lagunaseca
We’re Monterey Bound!! Yes, we are going for a race but Brian isn’t driving in this one! 🎉 I’m happy because we will get more time with him. His Dad will be driving though so that’ll be cool to watch! I don’t think I could go to a race if I didn’t know people driving!! We’re gonna have time to explore so give me your favorite spots! We’ve been there before but didn’t explore THAT much because Shay babe wasn’t even 2 months old && we were there for a race! Shoot me a message with your favorite spots or comment below!! Pic stolen from google! My picture at this spot is gloomyyyyy! 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ #monterey #californiacoast #gimmethatsaltyair #bixbybridge
I’ve gotten asked more than once... “Why are you working out if you plan on getting pregnant again in the near future?” I’ll tell you my personal reasons why I worked out during pregnancy && why I’ll continue to...well...forever...& it’s not for a 6 pack! 😜 1. I feel like it helped me feel normal throughout my pregnancy. 2. It made me feel strong! 3. It helped me through labor (ha! I was induced & got the drugs so it helped until!) and it helped with delivery(HEYOOO PUSHING!). My labor & delivery nurses actually asked me about my programs because my body looked so strong! 4. It helps my MIND & keeps me sane. 5. It’s become part of my routine && it’s a habit. 6. It gives me energy. 7. It’s part of my JOB. Yep, I get paid to workout & keep others accountable. 8. It makes me feel good! 9. It helps with sleep. 10. I am and was very “regular” 😜 when I saw lots of complaints from others about THAT. 11. I didn’t swell...anywhere. 12. My back ached but not as much as many others commented. 13. I loved my bump & loved that my baby was working out daily with me! I could continue to go on & on but those are some of the reasons why I won’t just let my body go and why I continue to exercise almost every day! Here’s a throwback picture to 40 weeks 5 days!! That little tiny stinker had to cook a little longer!! Photo Cred: @shinesphotography 💕 #pregnancy #fitpregnancy
Have you ever cooked with chickpea flour? It's SO freaking GOOD. This pizza crust is literally just chickpea flour, salt, spices, olive oil & water. Recipe in comments! I grabbed some random ish from the fridge, put it on top once it was done, popped it back in the oven for a bit. So good, so good for you! One is #vegan one has feta! #yummy #pizza #healthy #kaleyeah
I am so BRAVE. I am so STRONG. I am so KIND. I am so SMART. I am so IMPORTANT. I am so CAPABLE. I am so WONDERFUL. I will make today AMAZING for myself and others around me. —> Just a quick daily affirmation for little’s never too early!! I can’t wait for Shay to dance around shouting out how freaking rad she is & how she’s going to make the world a better place every day. #MoveOverJessicaShayLowIsInTheHouse #positiveaffrimationsforkids #positiveaffirmations