Went out to get groceries, and some daffodils, without any breakfast in my belly so having 2 poorly presented sandwiches for lunch while watching the MacRory cup final- hon St Ronan’s!
Still recovering 💀 after being unwell all day Friday the weekend started with a fry on Saturday morning followed by roughly 10hrs straight of drinking cider ➡️ beer ➡️ gin ➡️ some green shots🤷🏼‍♀️ ➡️ wkd ➡️ sambuca ➡️ vodka ➡️ jagerbombs 🤮 with absolutely zero food in between 😰 safe to say yesterday I was super tired, ill, dehydrated and HUNGRY. We ate McDonald’s (large nugget meal & double cheeseburger obv 🍔🍟🍗) then a Dominos 🍕 before bed last night. Today I’m bloated, still tired, still thirsty and generally out of sorts but I may as well get stuck into tidying and get the groceries so that I’m organised and back on plan. First though, it’s time for all the juice and tea 🤩
Another old photo #flashbackfriday woke up this morning wishing I could go back to being this carefree (and tan & slim with a massive head of hair) on holidays without any worries or stress ☀️ if Ireland could just brighten up and have temperatures in the double digits pleeeeeease, so over this dreary weather! 🌨❄️☔️👎🏼
Sofa dinner because 😴 ended up bringing Méabh to the pool with us so not exactly a strenuous workout but there’s just something about being in the pool that leaves you hungry & thirsty 🍔☕️
Throwback Wednesday? This came up on my Facebook memories for 3 years ago today and O.M.G 🤭 the full length picture is grand but just swipe for the face closeup 🙈 I cant even remember it being so scrawny looking. But I do remember going to the wedding that day somewhere in the 8st region (madness- but remember what I said before “fat skinny”) and having to go to bed by 11 because I had such severe tummy pains after eating the dinner, which was probably my first decent meal in a couple of days. I wasn’t starving myself by any stretch of the imagination but I was very restrictive, had tiny meals and went to spin class more or less every day for a fortnight before this 😳 thank god I only did that for a very brief period of time!!
After my first leg day of 2018 (35min home workout but whatever) I’ve really went to town with the excuse of eating carbs 😂 supposed to be losing weight not maintaining fs! But I’ve been craving this for a good while now; Sri Lankan potato curry 🌶🥔🍅 The best comfort food while staying on plan! I’ll stick the recipe on my stories as I really think you need to try this if you love a) spuds b) curry c) stodgy meals 👌🏼
Had to modify my plan the whole way through to suit my (lack of) fitness but I actually did a bit better than I thought I would and completed it all! How embarrassing that it’s March and this is my first workout of 2018 except for netball training and spin classes 😳 #backonit
Netball is off tonight, it’s far too wet for a walk and I won’t make spin class in the next 10mins; so I’ve made sure I’ve plenty of veg in my dinner and will sweat my ass off getting through all the ironing 😂😰 #itsacalorieburner #iswear #ihateironing
A full day off is just what I needed after a long working week and another busy week up ahead! It’s shocking how easily the housework slides when you’re working 6 days in a row as well as evenings filled with either more work hours or the gym. I’ve been very productive this morning and was so ready for this lunch. Ham & turkey salad sandwich is fast becoming my favourite 💚 with some peppermint tea 🌱🌸
Pre-pizza with my jeans fully buttoned and feeling FAB-U-LOUS in my new SIZE TEN blouse 🙌🏼 I could have at least untucked the sides from the jacket or taken a pic before I sat in the car to drive from Lurgan-Dundalk-Newry and got it seriously creased (and sorted my super pale hand fs), but I’m very proud of my non-scale victory so had to picture it 🤳🏼💁🏼 also, how gorgeous is my new blouse?! Love the tortoise shell buttons 💜
No flake because lent 😭💔
No children= no breakfast in bed 🙄hope all the mamas have a wonderful day and are spoilt rotten! P.s. ignore our wedding plaque I haven’t changed it in I don’t know how long 🤭
I have 3 mountains of dishes, my ironing basket is full & I have more clothes on the floor than on my rail but it’s Friday night and I’m not in work until after lunch tomorrow so I will enjoy my gin, book & candles while wearing my nicest jammies (with the living room door closed because if I can’t see the mess it doesn’t exist 😜)
After surviving work & spin class on just a smoothie, bowl of soup and 3 wholewheat crackers, this massive plate of food was more than needed! Chicken, onions and mushrooms done in spices with homemade chips/wedges/lumps of spud and some mayflower curry ✌🏼️
Fajitas with wholemeal wraps for dinner before work earlier this evening 🌯🥗🥙 stuffed with onions, mushrooms & spinach 💚
I probably seem so socially awkward for only going to a staff room once or twice a week, but today is a double work day for me so I’m surrounded by people from 8.30 this morning until 9.30 tonight! I need 15-20mins by myself in peace 😂
Taken breakfast to bed because today’s school is a 3min drive from my house 🙌🏼 love having time to myself in the morning ⏰
So this is how dinner turned out tonight 🙄 at the end of the day any other night like this (chicken hadn’t defrosted despite being out of the freezer for 24hrs) I would have thrown the towel in and had a takeaway or eaten lots of crap from the cupboards; pancakes loaded with butter, biscuits, popcorn etc. Wouldn’t go as far as to say it’s healthy but I still managed to get plenty of greens on my plate and avoided a binge 🥗🍗
Just what I need for a pick up after school! 4 large (seriously, mine were huge) strawberries, 1 small orange, 1/2 medium banana, 2 tbsp natural yoghurt and 1 tbsp milled linseeds. I had the nicest baked potato in school for lunch with salad and a bit of coleslaw 🍓🍌🍊🥒🥗🥔