Chilli in my new slow cooker for the next 2 days’ dinners 🌶 #mealprep
Gotta grab that warm lighting when ya can so you don’t look like a ghost in selfies 👻 #thechinsayshey
Fire lit to keep me warm and low cal ice cream to cool me down 😜 #perfectbalance
It isn’t even 7.30pm and I’m already in my tracksuit bottoms and settling down for a Sex and the City marathon with Chinese style chicken & sweetcorn soup 🌽 first Saturday night in in a good month and taking full advantage of having the house to myself for the evening 🤗
Weekend challenge done so I’m totally justified in staying on the sofa in my jammies all day, yes? #gonabesick
Christ that wind is making me want to have a Sex and the City day on the sofa rather than having to go into nursery kids 🙈 #minussleep
Finished up with my P1s and heading down to a Lisburn school from tomorrow so a wee day off today is quite nice! This huge breakfast is over 400cal but I’ll only be having a snack in the afternoon rather than lunch. Took the fat off my bacon of course 🥓 and added local honey to my lemon water to keep fighting this rotten hayfever that feels more like a heavy cold 🍯
Saint 😇 or Sinner 😈 Invited down to @thesagart this evening to try out the newly launched menu and well, if food is involved then you know I’m all over it 🐷 but it exceeded my expectations 😍 The menu is divided into sections “saints” and “sinners” (very clever play on the fact that Sagart= Priest in Irish) and you can choose to indulge in glutinous dishes such as burgers or ribs etc, or keep on plan and eat dishes full of superfoods. Being a saint (obviously) I chose Grain Goodness- GF, V, VE- and our sinner went for “one of the best burgers I’ve ever eaten” (Declan Lavery, 2018) 🍔 I mean, you know the food is good when you spend the whole car journey home talking about it! The location is also perfect as it’s just behind Zara & Primark for when you need refuelled after a spree 😜 Honest to God- it’s so seldom that you go out to eat healthily and get a meal that doesn’t taste a) like something you could have thrown together at home or b) like cardboard. If you’re in and around Belfast city centre I could not recommend this place enough- Stef is also the loveliest host you could hope for ☺️ and even if you aren’t out and about for food, there’s enough cocktail choice to keep everyone happy🍹 #smallestbarinbelfast
Who says you can’t have a cocktail on a school night? Especially when it contains matcha- it’s for the good of your health! 💚🍃🍹 Our meals were EPIC too but I’ll post a photo of them when I find the words to describe how yummy it was 🤣😍😋
Fakeaway Nando’s 🐓 I’d say since last Sunday when I got bootcamp results my eating has been pretty 70:30, aiming for 90:10 for the next 11 days as I’ve a bridesmaid dress to fit into next Saturday!