I've been on a bit of a hiatius the two weeks. Life has been extremely hectic as it often is and its been nice to step back from Instagram a little bit. Headed to the Whites this weekend and very excited to be back in the mountains!🏃🌲
Meeting these two ice climbers at the gorge was a pretty awesome experiance. They were extremely passionate about the sport and it showed. They took the time to explain the sport and technique involved. Even gave good resources for places to start getting some exposure to ice climbing. This is definitely something I would love to give a try next year! 🏃🌲
Find time to do what you love. Life has a habit of getting in the way but its important to make time for yourself and pursue what makes you tick. Life is short so make it count🏃🌲
On the hunt for snow🏃🌲
I never thought I would be sad to see winter slowly fade away. But I'm going to miss the winter hiking once spring takes its hold in the mountains. Headed to the Adirondacks this weekend for what might be the last true winter hike of the season🏃🌲
"Don't think. It complicates things. Just feel, and if it feels like home, then follow its path" R.M Drake
Pushing limits on Osceola. The mountains much like life have a way of testing your limits. It may be mentally or physically or both but sooner or later you will be tested. Learning from these experiences is where the majic happens 🏃🌲
I've done flume gorge once before in the summer and I can say I much prefer it in the winter! During the winter the gorge takes on a life of its own and feels like a entirely different place. Got luckly enough to catch some ice climbers in action and learn more about the sport🏃🌲
Its no secret that I have a deep love for the mountains. Since I was kid I have spent a lot of quality time in the woods. As the years go on my adventures and experience level continue to evolve. My recent evolution into winter hiking has been one of the biggest surprises yet. I originally told myself I would never hike during the winter! But this year I have completely immersed myself in it and can't belive I waited this long! I can safely say winter is my favorite season to hike. It offeres a unique set of challenges and at times can be brutal but the beauty and tranquility are unmatched 🏃🌲
Nature has a way of humbling you. You might think you have complete control only to realize no matter how prepared, you actually have very limited control. You might think your problems significant and grand only to realize in fact they are very small and insignificant🏃🌲
The mountains are calling! It's the weekend and I'm headed to the whites. Its good to be back in the mountains its been a couple weeks! Excited for the snow tomorrow 🌨 🏃🌲
Headed to the White Mountains this weekend. And excited to test out some new @msr_gear snowshoes as the Whites are getting hit with snow! This photo is from the Adirondacks a couple of weeks back🏃🌲
The Skalatarnet tower standing in the distance after making the final push to the summit. Skalatarnet is a self-service cabin run by the Norwegian Trekking Association and is a welcome sight after making the 6000ft ascent to the top🏃🌲
The sign said no bikes 🤔 Taken while exploring the winter coastline
It's one of those rare moments you dream about and is almost surreal to witness. After a long & exhausting hike to the summit, we were greeted with -25 degree conditions and a completely overcast summit offering zero visibility. Taking a moment to enjoy the accomplishment of the summit paid off in a big way. Without warning, the clouds began to drop around us and mountains in the distance began to pop out. And there we were staring down the barrel of Marcy in the distance a hike completed almost a year ago. The whole thing was truly magical and not something I'll soon forget. Hard to believe this view is NY almost looks otherworldly🏃🌲
It's so easy to get caught up in the commotion and pressures of everyday life that we forget to sit back and enjoy the ride🏃🌲
Sometimes you just need a little change in perspective to see things in a new light. 🏃🌲
Opportunity is not something that should be taken for granted. It goes just as quickly as it comes. 🏃🌲
If only the path was always so well defined🏃🌲