Before going home for the weekend decided to sneak in a short hike. At 5 miles and 1750ft of elevation this was the perfect choice. Ampersand offers 360 views of the Seranac Lakes that do not disappoint! If you're in the Adirondack region and looking for quick hike, I would highly recommend it 👌 🏃🌲
I've always been a fan of the scenic route. Whether its on a drive or a hike. If there's a chance a route is going to offer up some beauty I'll take it even if it adds time to the trip. And I'm almost never disappointed. You never know what your going to find but its usually worth it. This shot was taken on those routes🏃🌲
This is one of the first winter hikes I've done. Sure I've ran into snow at the summit plenty of times before. But in the past once it snowed at the base thats usually the time my hiking would stop for the season. And its amazing to me exactly how dramatic the scenary and experience change during the winter. One the things that caught me completely off guard was overwhelming silence of the hike. Its like walking on pillows and besides the light crunch below my feet was there was nothing.. Throughout the hike I would get lost in sounds of my own heart beating or a faint crack of tree as my pack brushed up against it and the whole thing was memorizing. 🏃🌲
A couple of miles into the hike we came across this scene. A lone tent nestled in the valley surrounded by peaks on either side. I can only imagine the night these campers must have experienced. The serene silence and beauty of winter combined with the isolation of the mountains must have made for a pretty epic night. Would you camp here?🏃🌲
Learning to deal with discomfort is not an easy thing to do. But discomfort and accepting failure is where the magic happens. That is where growth and opportunity lives🏃🌲
Took a hiatus from posting the past couple of weeks but I'm vack! This photo was from last week on the Breakneck Ridge Trail. Fun quick hike but very heavily populated if your going on a weekend🏃🌲
5k!!! Crazy to me that there are that many of you who enjoy my photos and banter enough to follow. I picked up my camera almost three years ago and its been one of the best decisions I've made. It has perfectly complimented my deep love for the outdoors and traveling. And has pushed me to bring my adventures to new heights and continues to push me to this day. Very excited to continue to the journey and see where it takes me🏃🌲📷
Its almost the weekend get out there and explore🏃🌲
There burned an ember that grew with each passing wind. That ember was soon a flame. A flame that turned into a fire vast and wild as any had seen🔥🏃🌲
Find what makes you tick and let it push your limits everyday🏃🌲
One of my favorite spots around, its become something of a yearly tradition. Fall is easily one of the better times to go as you get complete 360 views of the foliage. Still have to make it out here for a winter hike🏃🌲
You can find me where the wild things are🏃🌲
The thing about progress is its a long and slow road with many ups and downs. The progress can be so slow sometimes you dont even realize its happening until you look at where you came from. Enjoy the journey its only the beginning🏃🌲
One of my newest goals I've set for myself is to experiance more sunrises and sunsets! Most of the hiking I do now starts after the sun rises and finishes before it sets... Moments like these are incredible and you have to sit back and enjoy them🏃🌲
Letchworth is a place of abundance when it come to foliage and has some amazing backdrops! This is a very popular spot with easy acess so be prepared to share the location with many visitors🏃🌲
So many fall colors! Taken on a hike this past weekend close to home. Most of the hikes I do have expanded outside of CT but I still love going back to visit some of places that gave me my original inspiration and passion for hiking. CT happens to have a lot of hidden gems across the state!🏃🌲
If you begin to follow your inner fire and stay true to your core beliefs, beautiful things will begin to happen. Find your true north and begin to align your steps in that direction. Being unapologetic in who you are will attract like minded people and bring unimagined opportunity. Life is short and will wait for no one.🌲🏃
Life has no guide book or map to follow. Instead it is a story in the making each day a blessing and a new page to written. Every chapter good or bad has it place whether we see it or not. Embace every moment for what it is! Take control of the pen and make the words ring true to yourself. Before you know it you'll have read the last page. 🏃🌲
A rare photo of myself, pushing my limits on the edge of Trolltunga. If there's one thing I've learned from life it is to constantly push yourself outside of your comfort zone. Constantly do things that scare you and always be willing to try something new. That's how you'll constantly live your best life. Living in a web of safety is where dreams go to die! My soul is always most alive when I push myself to the fringes of comfort zone! Thanks for the epic photo @thyhoang🌲🏃
Its funny I often find myself so caught up in the everyday stress of life. Its so easy to get wrapped up in immediate noise that I forget to sit back and enjoy what's going on now. That's what I find so great nature, for me everything else all the white noise seems to melt away and it's just me and the mountains 🏃🌲