Today is #internationaldiabetesday and for me it is the 12th round of the international day of diabetes. I think it can be useful for everyone to remember that diabetes is a chronic disease and not just "oh, you can not eat sweets, I'm really sorry". It is useful for everyone to know that diabetes is an unconfessable condition that forces you to always be responsible, lucid and able to do something for you. But, in all my life with this roommate, I've learned that I'm more than that. I am more than 4 injections for day, more than the value of glucose in the blood, more than this mess. I'm a girl with a lot of dreams, a women with strong values, a baby girl with the question "what I'm gonna be when I'll became bigger?". In the end, I want to give you an advice: when someone tell you about diabetes don't say "oh, i'm sorry" but "oh, do you wanna talk about it?". Sometimes, when we can talk, we feels more better. Like everyone else! 🍰 #me #personal #diabetes #14thnovember #wecan #sugarfree #chronicdisease