Le ciel est le toit de ma maison. Erevan, J'arrive...✈️ #aeroflotcrew
One month has passed,since I started flying. And today I had a night flight to OVB. At first, It seemed to me,that It was rather exhausting and at the same time - bizarre flight. So, now I almost don't feel that, thx to all the people who supported me; they definitely filled me with a positive energy. And now I'm eager to start a new day- my happy birthday- being in high spirits. And then again: flights-flights-flights... #aviation #flightattendant #cabincrew #aeroflotcrew #aeroflot
I've noticed, that it's quite easier for me to work at night than at daytime. Of course, there're lots of pros & cons, but Idk, just as for me, a night flight is something charming, that is close to me. And every single moment I try to peep through the window in order to see a stunning view of city lights, that inspires my imagination. At this moment It seems to me,that I have np. ✈️🌏🌌🌃 #lights #aviation #aviationlovers #view #landscape #mood #sky #airbus #boeing #night #flight #flightattendant #vscocam #travel #travelblogger #travelgram
I may say, It's a perfect day! I killed 2 birds with one stone: ✅ the test is done; ✅I found some time to visit (finally!!!) my lovely place... Here I'm just lost in my thoughts 💭 ; and it's such a pleasure to be here, just to observe this magnificent view of a fairy tale...
Le parfum du café ☕️ ☕️☕️
Chaque ville est belle à sa façon...Mais quant à moi, Moscou est très magnifique. Et chaque fois, nous nous baladons dans le quartier, sans dire un mot, car nous l'admirons. Comment ne pas tomber amoureux de cette ville merveilleuse... 🌌♥️🌃
И все же больницы меня удручают; бесконечные очереди - это что-то... Но есть плюсы: 📌комплексная диагностика состояния здоровья; 📌знакомство с прекрасными единомышленниками; 📌проверка на прочность/стрессоустойчивость) Можно сказать, что зачатки бабьего лета прошли мимо меня, в стенах МЦ Аэрофлот, но цель достигнута (2-й этап пройден), а значит, двигаемся дальше! ✈️🛩🛫 #aeroflot #афл
Очарована живописными осенними пейзажами 🍁🌾🍂
The breath of autumn 🍂 🍁🌲🌳🌾💨